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  • I should not care to testify on that.
  • He will not be allowed to testify on oath.
  • Mat Mogmore was permitted to testify for the government.
  • But there is a man in one of your battalions who can testify to it.
  • Many of his letters testify to his keen interest in the race.
  • I can personally testify to the difficulty of identifying a mystery ship.
  • All these important appointments testify to his leading musical position.
  • No, not if you had taken down a dozen witnesses to testify to the burning.
  • Its bite is very painful, as we can testify from personal experience.
  • Now we're on things I can testify to.
  • On my word of honour, I can testify that there lieth the treasure.
  • Unto this testify the things which have befallen Us in this straight Path.
  • I'm going to testify to that, Monday, when the trial is held.

How To Use Testify In A Sentence?

  • How true they are to nature every veteran can abundantly testify from his own service.
  • All my previously obtained results in practice, testify to the correctness of this statement.
  • For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book.
  • They had three officers to testify against him, and they were the stupidest liars I ever saw.
  • On the Day of Judgment it will testify in favour of those who kissed it, whether men or women.
  • I testify before God and His angels that it shall be so, as He hath intimated to my ignorance.
  • There are still many extensive ruins and inscriptions which testify to the height of their civilisation.
  • Converts were numerous and they were required to testify to the change in their souls and their lives and to become missionaries in their turn.
  • Neither husband nor wife was competent as a witness to testify either for or against the other in civil or criminal cases.
  • Unto this testify they who are the exponents of justice and equity, and yet the people are in evident doubt.
  • All this is only sad stern truth; nothing morbid here: let any poor stammerer testify to my faithfulness.
  • All these days you have denied that you had anything to do with the murder of Klausoff, in spite of all the proofs that testify against you.
  • It remains only for each to testify what he has seen, and at the end to confess that a soul, even the soul of a bird, is after all a mystery.
  • The fragments of many wrecks testify to the dangers of navigation, though masses of giant seaweed act as buoys for many of the rocks.
  • These facts testify to his moral character, and also to fulfil the functions of high priest a certain amount of dogmatism must have been necessary.
  • All the agencies testify to the difficulty of getting workers with the same education and training demanded of the English-speaking visitor.
  • No analysis can ever find or prove the life of a seed: plant it in its proper soil, and the growth will testify to the life.
  • The signal is passed along by the line of signalmen to the fifth division, who all, by waving their flags, testify readiness.
  • What shall I not owe her for the occasion to testify my sense of the great, the overwhelming forgiveness which has been heaped upon me?
  • She moved a little towards Rodney, and her movement seemed to testify mutely to her respect for him, and her alliance with him.
  • Many of the illustrations given of the Tropes also, testify to a time of greater antiquity than that of Aenesidemus.
  • We testify that that which wakened thee was not their cry but the promptings of thine own passions, for We tested thee, and found thee wanting.
  • Philip and his creatures were at this stage of their career, when the pope began to testify some little dissatisfaction at the irregularity of the proceedings.
  • We testify that thou hast cast behind thy back the Law of God, and laid hold on the dictates of thy passions.
  • Thus Luther learned to know popery itself in Rome, and was, therefore, the better qualified to testify against it later on.
  • The Church needs nothing so much to-day as men and women who can testify for the Holiness of God.
  • We often used to laugh in concert at the truckling to her of persons the most considerable, and of the disdain they drew upon themselves, although she did not testify it to them.

Definition of Testify

To make a declaration, or give evidence, under oath. | To make a statement based on personal knowledge or faith.
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