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  • His testimony was correct.
  • The arts bear testimony to it.
  • But what weight is due to his testimony in such a case?
  • The Testimony of One who was revived from Death.
  • Herodotus bears testimony to this habit in an important passage.
  • Your testimony is to be thrown out as a lie made of whole cloth.
  • The testimony taken in these cases fills three huge volumes.
  • Such testimony as he could collect went to confirm the truth of the story.
  • This, divine providence and universal experience does also bear testimony to.
  • The three first witnesses repeated their testimony under oath, word for word.
  • The outspoken testimony against evil is incumbent on all Christian men.
  • However, Captain Nelson's testimony didn't need the confessions.
  • Mr. Stanton's testimony was taken February 11, 1867, and on subsequent days.

How To Use Testimony In A Sentence?

  • And there was other testimony of the same kind from all sorts and conditions of visitors.
  • In those days such testimony had a value not far below that of direct statement.
  • The testimony of a person whose name is not given entirely coincides with yours.
  • This is the only way in which we know it, and not from the direct testimony of consciousness.
  • To these critics the testimony of consciousness was worthless, unless corroborated.
  • I met a man who remembered these things and bore testimony to the good we had done him.
  • Of all these sources of evidence, none is more valuable than the testimony of ritual.
  • I was a mere receptacle for dust and ashes, a living testimony to the vanity of all things.
  • There is, however, neither external testimony nor internal probability to support that opinion.
  • I have the testimony of God now that I have not lied in the words I have told you.
  • It is clear that this fact is a testimony to the efficiency of our organization and the secrecy of our activity.
  • His testimony is marked by the qualities for which he was known both on the civil and military side of his career.
  • The court was in session and the prisoner had been brought in to hear the testimony of the new witnesses.
  • I do not know that his warmest friends could desire any more distinguished testimony to his services.
  • But this the apostle could not hope for, unless he had the testimony of his own conscience in his favor.
  • The remark was unnecessary; the relish with which he had eaten was convincing testimony of his enjoyment.
  • The jealousy of every class to guard itself, is a testimony to the reality they have found in life.
  • What is understood as testimony or confession, by inquisitors, is an affirmative answer to such questions as they ask.
  • He was found guilty at the official trial, through the testimony of many witnesses, as well as through his own confession.
  • This hearing occupied one year of time, and the documents and the testimony taken covered two thousand printed pages.
  • Next to a solid gold watch and chain, a pair of gold spectacles are the best testimony of respectability; then comes a sound umbrella.
  • My grandfather related the marvellous scene he had witnessed, and the prostrate clothes-press, and the broken handles, bore testimony to the fact.
  • The testimony was of the same character and the conclusions of the two branches of the committee followed the lead of these conflicting theories and statements.
  • I was anxious to give my testimony to the merits of Pepys as an Admiralty official, leaving his literary merits to you.
  • Upon her heels was Mr. Stott, in clothes which bore mute testimony to the fact that he led a sedentary life.
  • Then no one of those present doubted of the resurrection of the dead, since it was proved before their eyes by a testimony so credible, a miracle so apparent.
  • A man may be able to frame his testimony and testify falsely to a brief statement of facts involving a short and single transaction and maintain himself on cross-examination.

Definition of Testimony

(law) Statements made by a witness in court. | An account of first-hand experience. | (religion) In a church service, a personal account, such as of one's conversion.
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