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  • Professor of Textiles in the University of Manchester.

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  • The textiles once chosen, Camille is called to "take measures" and arrange for the fittings.
  • Bohemian beer, malt and hops were exported especially to France, textiles and machines to Italy.
  • In short, we seem to be on the eve of a revolution in textiles that is the same as that taking place in building materials.
  • The procuring of supplies of linen yarn needed for the warp of these textiles was not difficult, but where was the cotton yarn to come from?
  • Vitruvius tells how to preserve the gold in old embroidery, or in worn-out textiles where the metal has been extensively used.
  • The production of textiles by machinery has increased fourfold in ten years, and now amounts to about $40,000,000 annually.
  • He had brought home several fine specimens of Incan textiles and potteries: and he declared that he had had a very enjoyable and profitable trip.
  • A study of textiles is often subdivided into tapestry, carpet-weaving, mechanical weaving of fabrics of a lighter weight, and embroidery.
  • The products of the earth in which the natives pay their tribute are wax, rice, and textiles of abaca, which are here called medrinaques and pinayusas.
  • His figures are well drawn and expressive in attitude; his coloring is clear and rich, but his best skill lies in his unequalled rendering of textiles in draperies.

Definition of Textiles

plural of textile | The industry involved in the manufacture of cloth. | The study of the manufacture of cloth.
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