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  • And times have changed more than people.
  • Always things and places have been more to me than people.
  • Be more careful about plumbing than people are wont to be.
  • Heedless childhood observes things rather than people.
  • They must be even worse than people say.
  • This whimsical medley is commoner than people think.
  • Yet such an awakening may come sooner than people expect.
  • More of these matches are made than people generally imagine.
  • They see much more than people do who are not trained to observe.
  • If he is sentimental at all, it is rather over ideas than people.
  • Take this for your comfort, my savings are heavier than people think.
  • There were more huts than people, more kites on the roofs than huts.
  • Much more lies in choosing a becoming color than people generally imagine.
  • Such cases are more common, however, than people affect to think.
  • In Japan we have more social freedom than people are apt to think.
  • I'm much wiser than people think I am.
  • Far stranger things than people invent out o' their own brains.

How To Use Than People In A Sentence?

  • It is a much more difficult thing to speak the truth than people commonly imagine.
  • The men had stood the test of the war much better than people had dared to hope.
  • Take my word for it, this world is a more obliging world than people generally represent it.
  • She herself declares that she has much more vitality than people think, and that the doctors may be all wrong.
  • But she was one of the odd girls who in some ways are like children and yet in others are older than people ever dream.
  • They are entertaining in a way, and you can tear them up at the end, and in that respect at least they are better than people who come to see you.
  • We railway men see far more than people think," said the official, with a smile.
  • And the great specialist could do no more (as is more often the case than people guess) than confirm the verdict of the ordinary practitioner.
  • The two men met on a common ground of enthusiasm as fearless riders, which caused them to regard horses with more affection than people.
  • That House is, within itself, a much more subtle and artificial combination of parts and powers than people are generally aware of.
  • He is a very handsome, young, and kind-hearted Emperor; he has more intelligence than people usually give him credit for.
  • It was not lawful for the functions of this office to be fulfilled by others than people of high standing, on account of the esteem in which it was held.
  • Among classes more favoured than these, it appears that there is little thought of making the provision that might easily be made for more privacy than people are yet accustomed to.
  • The discovery of suitable titles is a more difficult matter than people who do not write romances would suppose, most of the good ones having been used already and copyrighted.
  • Steamboats could carry passengers and goods up and down the Mississippi and its branches more cheaply and more comfortably than people and goods could be carried over the Alleghanies.
  • Quite apart from this aspect, we hear so much that is evil of the friars that it is a pleasure, when possible, to point out the good they did, a thing more frequently possible than people imagine it is.
  • She was talking nonsense, but not worse nonsense than people usually do talk at breakfast, the cerebral circulation, as he knew to his cost, being apt to give trouble at that hour.
  • His whole view of what he is set to learn, and of the necessity and advantage of learning anything at all, is tinged, more often than people think, by the appearance of the room in which his studying is done.
  • Such cases of impersonation are much more common than people imagine, but they have such ludicrous, as well as tragic, results that they seldom, if ever, get into the police courts.
  • He has been wasted there too long already, he is a brilliant scholar, Mother, far more brilliant than people realize, too modest and simple to make the most of himself.
  • Mr. Dalloway wished to look at certain guns, and was of opinion that the African coast is far more unsettled than people at home were inclined to believe.
  • There are more wooden gods than people in Batengo village, and the superstition's so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  • I went at once, as I was bound to do, to his house, and put myself wholly at his service: and that was more than people expected, who thought that I had good cause for being angry with him.
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