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  • I thankfully accept them.
  • The king and the queen thankfully accept the water.
  • This fact, we wish gladly and thankfully to record.
  • I do thankfully accept your kindness, and all mine are at your service.
  • I thankfully accepted this offer, and went with him accordingly.
  • He has done his full duty, and every good girl will thankfully so accept it.
  • Most thankfully I leave everything to his discretion and judgment.
  • He paid his fare, passed inside the car, and sank thankfully into a seat.

How To Use Thankfully In A Sentence?

  • It must not be supposed that the natives do not thankfully welcome such work on their behalf.
  • They drew breath thankfully when they had come up into the sweet freshness of the night air.
  • He drove it to the house, and found that his gifts were most thankfully received.
  • Being quite calcined as to the head and shoulders, we somewhat thankfully undertook the descent.
  • The annual subscriptions seem to be willingly paid, thankfully received, and judiciously expended.
  • All roads were the same to little Betsinda, so she very thankfully took this one.
  • Rose hid herself thankfully behind it, while Stephen had not courage to lift a corner.
  • Subscriptions to the Hospital Funds will be thankfully received by the bankers.
  • They wore their rubbers this time, and Molly very thankfully carried the imitation ermine muff.
  • Our escape was most providential, and is, I trust, thankfully acknowledged by us.
  • Tom had the grace to flush under his tan, but he thankfully accepted the bantering and the suggestion.
  • Nowhere is the work of this mighty ruler so thankfully acknowledged by contemporaries as by the peasantry of the conquered province.
  • Meanwhile we shall thankfully receive any information on this subject from the heroes of those days who may now be alive and hearty.
  • They were very thankfully received, and the kindness acknowledged by letters to me from the colonels of both regiments in the most grateful terms.
  • As the freshening wind swept down the men thankfully laid aside their paddles and set up the mast and sail.
  • He had no idea what progress he was making, and it seemed ages before his hand came against what he thankfully realized was the bark of a tree.
  • The officers gathered for the last time in two months around their mess-chests and thankfully partook of a bountiful breakfast.
  • He had acted handsomely towards the young man, had settled a good fortune on him, which had been thankfully accepted.
  • But they, as it seemed, being desirous to stay, accepted very thankfully and with great gladness that which was offered first.
  • She concluded peace rather thankfully in March when the besieged citizens had suffered severely from want of food.
  • Our new friend lay down early, and as he saw we were scant in blankets he brought some to us for our use, which were most thankfully received.
  • Eugene received their advances with as much calmness as could be expected; their hospitality, however, he thankfully declined.
  • Considering the style of their conversation at table, however, I should have thankfully preferred living by myself.
  • This brought me to my recollection; I offered to go for assistance, and my services were thankfully accepted.
  • So together they stood beside the grave of Eunice, and spoke lovingly and thankfully of her, and prayed in silence for each other.
  • But how to get them out was the question that perplexed Bud, and with the arrival of Ted he thankfully turned the task over to him.
  • He made no attempt to be alone with Dot, and she, with a shyness almost overwhelming, thankfully accepted his forbearance.
  • Harry was thankfully accepting this imputation in silence, when Mrs. Basil's soft voice was heard.
  • No one indeed can do otherwise than admit it thankfully who has eyes to see, and the sense of justice and generosity of mind to acknowledge what he sees.
  • How thankfully the Go-Aheads and the Busters got out of that tower, it would be difficult to express.
  • But yet she viewed the prospect with considerable misgiving, and would have thankfully foregone the ordeal, if she had not felt constrained to face it.
  • He did not stint his hospitality to the future baronet, but he failed to repeat that promise of a future welcome which had already been given, and which had been thankfully accepted.

Definition of Thankfully

In a thankful manner; giving thanks. | fortunately.
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