Thanks Very In A Sentence

How To Use Thanks Very In A Sentence?

  • Thanks very largely to the corporal's splendid pluck the heights were at last cleared.
  • Some prefer, however, to send cards of thanks very soon to those who have inquired, leaving ordinary visiting cards unanswered the usual length of time.
  • They were quietly listened to, and got plenty to eat and drink, and presents into the bargain; and the angels ate, and drank, and spoke their thanks very properly.
  • But thanks very largely to the firm and experienced hands in which the administration of the Central Provinces under their Commissioner, Mr. Craddock, and that of the United Provinces under their Lieutenant-Governor, Sir John Hewett, have rested during these troublous years, the situation there has never got seriously out of hand.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thanks Very | Thanks Very Sentence

  • Thanks very much for calling.
  • Thanks very much for finding me the charts.
  • Well, thanks very much.
  • Oh, thanks very much.
  • Thanks very much....
  • Yes; thanks, very much.
  • Thanks very much, Mr. Townsend.
  • Thanks very much.
  • Thanks very much.
  • Thanks, very much.
  • He said: "Thanks very much.
  • Thanks very much, but I can't possibly.
  • Now please go away, Muriel dear," he said, "and thanks very much for your help.
  • Thanks very much, Mr. Teal."
  • Thanks very much."
  • Thanks very much!"
  • The boy said, "Yes, thanks very much; I'd love to."
  • "Thanks very much," I said.
  • Not to Bonsard's, thanks very much."
  • "Thanks, very much," replied Dick.
  • "Thanks very much," said John as he started away.
  • Oh, thanks, thanks--very well indeed, as--ahem--
  • "Thanks very much," said Craighouse, taking one.
  • "Thanks very much," said Chetwood, a twinkle in his eye.
  • "Thanks very much," said Geoffrey Alison more warmly.
  • "Thanks very, very much.
  • "Thanks, very much indeed.
  • and Peter said he was very nearly all right now, thanks very much.
  • "Oh, thanks, very much.
  • "Thanks very much, Mr Mervyn.
  • "Thanks very much, Mrs. Dermot.
  • 'That's about all, thanks very much,' said Vincy.
  • "Thanks very much, Mrs Saxton, for what you have told me.
  • "Thanks, very much," said Gregory, smiling yet deeply touched.
  • "Thanks very much, but I shall do it for my own sake," said Bill with feeling.
  • "Thanks very much.
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Thanks Very in a sentence

Thanks Very sentence

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Thanks Very used in a sentence

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