That Almost In A Sentence

How To Use That Almost In A Sentence?

  • They approach their meals in such a state that almost any kind of food is acceptable.
  • Presently he had a bed of glowing coals that almost filled the little fireplace.
  • Now he went through some movements that almost startled the puzzled young aviator.
  • He was so sure of this that almost at once he became aware that his heart was beating rapidly.
  • She came to this conclusion at last with a clearness and rapidity that almost frightened her.
  • Judy always ends by telling us all about the terrible things that almost happened to her.
  • The fact that almost all were of woolen materials made skill and care all the more necessary.
  • The bird looked up in his face with an arch drollery that almost disconcerted the teacher.
  • A gravity that almost amounted to sadness invariably attended him when we were alone together.
  • And he enforced his words with a grip on my arm that almost crushed the flesh into the bones.
  • And he laid bare a fearful cicatrice that almost surrounded his right arm above the wrist.
  • And he soon decided that almost any fact could be accepted calmly after it had already happened.
  • He told us that almost every effort in the sacred cause of freedom had succeeded.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For That Almost | That Almost Sentence

  • Pity that almost all these romances ended so drearily!
  • It is here that almost all religions go wrong.
  • Came a rap that almost beat the door in.
  • He felt sure that almost all the townspeople had escaped.
  • She made a movement that almost expressed panic.
  • By doing that, almost at once he would be discovered.
  • That almost in all thinges good lessons they teache.
  • But here we met a scene that almost froze our blood.
  • Then came a thought that almost made him groan.
  • Lige, in an ecstasy that almost lost him his seat.
  • I feel a spasm, that almost....
  • Mrs. Copley likes that almost as well as the thing itself.
  • There was a magnetism in the touch that almost frightened him.
  • He had a fondness for firearms that almost amounted to a passion.
  • He sometimes thought that almost everything was due to education.
  • He was full of increasing discomfort that almost amounted to apprehension.
  • But this experience demanded heroism that almost approaches the sublime.
  • None of them felt much inclined for any more fishing in that almost fatal spot.
  • He was that almost inhuman phenomenon, a sensualist with a soul.
  • With a gasp that almost stopped her breath she tore the cover open.
  • His lip quivered for a moment, and that almost frightened me.
  • Suddenly he stopped the car with a jerk that almost threw us out of our seats.
  • His own head was swathed in a wet towel that almost hid his rueful grin.
  • He bit his lip to keep back the cry of fear that almost escaped him.
  • The memory of that event came back with a rush that almost stifled her breath.
  • Now we could see the huge copper-colored clouds that almost hid the sun.
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