That Can In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For That Can | That Can Sentence

  • But that can never be.
  • And that can be dangerous!
  • That is all that can be said for them.
  • That is all that can be done.
  • It is kindness only that can do this.
  • Surely that can never be.
  • That is all that can save her.
  • That can do you no harm!
  • But this is not all that can be said of it.
  • That can all be managed.
  • I know what that can do.
  • Precious things are for those that can prize them.
  • There is nothing that can be done for her.
  • So this is all that can be found to be laid against me.
  • There is no thing that can stop it.
  • The most beautiful and the greatest that can be.
  • Is there a doctor that can restore?
  • Nothing that can give you any uneasiness.
  • There are few weapons that can resist it.
  • Who is there that can love restrain?
  • It is impossible that that can go on.
  • That can affect the marriage?
  • All donkeys travel that can.
  • Also he was very damp with sitting in that can.
  • He that can believe this is not to be reasoned with.
  • If that can be called useful.
  • But that can be left alone.
  • There is nothing that can resist it.
  • Or is it a river that can be navigated?
  • Like a beast that can go?
  • That can and must not ever be.
  • Has everything been done that can be?
  • That can never be a reproach.
  • A machine that can think.
  • And that seems all that can be said.

How To Use That Can In A Sentence?

  • All that can be settled later.
  • Yet that can only be cleared up later.
  • With the greatest ease that can be!
  • All is eaten that can be masticated.
  • Have we a boat that can swim?
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