That Comes In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For That Comes | That Comes Sentence

  • That comes in any way.
  • But that comes in later.
  • A will that comes and goes.
  • That comes before all else.
  • Such is the cry that comes to them.
  • That comes about from competition.
  • That comes altogether.
  • That comes first with me.
  • After that comes the dam.
  • You are not such a fool as that comes to.
  • That comes of taking airs!
  • He is the worst one that comes here.
  • That comes from walking such a distance.
  • Determine the shape of anything that comes.
  • That comes from my soaking in the water.
  • That comes from understanding and cooperation.
  • It is little pleasure that comes into her life.
  • If it is only some girl that comes of a good family.
  • They say anything that comes into their heads.
  • This is an art that comes out of a long tradition.
  • That comes to a good lot in the year.
  • She says anything that comes into her head.
  • Now that comes of owning a blabbing tongue.
  • Delirium is a symptom that comes on early in these cases.
  • The completion of that comes in our new submersible.
  • That comes of having hired help from the city.
  • A fine exhibition we had yesterday of what that comes to!
  • That comes of being so high-minded and superior.
  • Every actor that comes on the stage is a beau.
  • It seems to me that that comes home to us all.
  • Every thing is prized that comes from that quarter.
  • Say anything that comes into your clever head.
  • With the pallor that comes with the summons to die.
  • Because of the horror that comes from the strange man.
  • All that comes into the house is saved for us.

How To Use That Comes In A Sentence?

  • That comes of the pioneer state of things.
  • Adamo sees the savage gleam that comes into her eyes.
  • That comes from the house with a high-sounding name?
  • I do not know any story that comes nearer perfection.
  • Let me tell you something that comes close to home.
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