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  • Is that human speech?
  • Anything that human reason can grasp?
  • I believe that human character is homogeneous.
  • It is notorious that human motives are mixed.
  • It was reported that human remains had been found in it.
  • The all of strength that human arm can wield.
  • It is constantly said that human nature is heartless.
  • Was it possible that human beings breathed within?
  • It is only added that human flesh is his usual food.
  • It is enough to say that human sacrifices were offered.
  • That human beings should murder one another like this!
  • But she realized that human lives were at stake and she did not hesitate.
  • But all that human skill and effort can conceive will be in vain.
  • She had dreams of that human providence who stood between her and destitution.
  • Let me tell you that human nature has changed since yesterday.
  • It has often been emphasized that human beings are eminently lonely.
  • She perhaps imagines that human marriages are of the same ideal sort!
  • Was she never to know again that human touch of hands and of lips?
  • There is ample evidence that human sacrifice formed a conspicuous element.
  • We learn that human affliction may consist with divine affection.
  • All that human forethought could do to prepare the ship had long been done.
  • The primary fact of his philosophy is that human life is a moral process.
  • The name is given to commemorate the fact that human bones were found in it.
  • The doctor looked in every few hours, and did all that human skill could do.

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  • The most assiduous antiquarian has only corroborated the fact that human nature is unchanged.
  • I did not know then the value that human beings attached to a cushion like this.
  • What eluded him was precisely that human element which was the primary object of his quest.
  • But somehow it appears that human nature takes best with not having its wishes granted.
  • You struck the loftiest altitude of stupidity that human effort has ever reached.
  • It is horrible to think that human beings should be obliged to live in such filth and misery.
  • This is a clear proof that human reason is not to be relied upon as an infallible criterion.
  • Therefore, he concluded that human faculties are incapable of apprehending infinity.
  • It is scarcely possible to conceive that human beings could be so hideous and loathsome.
  • Hence, we perceive that human life is the most precious production of the planet.
  • And their cause lies not in any special conviction, but in the depths of that human nature itself.
  • Here stand the oldest and most enduring monuments that human power has ever been able to raise.
  • Indeed, it may be said that human nature was the only thing which much interested her.
  • Who that human being was, what he wished, what he was willing to venture was a mystery.
  • It is a remarkable thing that human beings have never yet got reconciled to disaster.
  • I cannot believe that human nature can be so vile, so miserably cunning and treacherous.
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