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  • It is against this use of the doctrine that we intend to direct the force of our argument.
  • The scheme of necessity denies that man is the responsible author of sin.
  • He contends that volition is caused, not by the will nor the mind, but by the strongest motive.
  • And this being the question, what does it signify to tell us, that the will is a producing power?
  • It may be imagined that the views herein set forth limit the omnipotence of God.
  • The time was neither ripe for the solution of that problem, nor for the appearance of a Newton.
  • It may be objected that the foregoing scheme is "new theology." Section II.
  • There be who perpetually complain of schisms and sects, and make it such a calamity that any man dissents from their maxims.
  • Yet this excellent man did not imagine for a moment that he upheld a scheme which is at war with the great moral interests of the world.
  • The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund.
  • The first is that scheme of fatalism which rests on the fundamental idea that there is nothing in the universe besides matter and local motion.
  • Yet, in former times, this very doctrine was regarded as the most formidable instrument with which to overthrow and demolish that very freedom.
  • The reason why theologians have concluded that God designs the salvation of only a part of mankind.
  • It is only because Locke has enveloped it in a cloud of inconsistencies that it has been able to secure the veneration of the great and good.
  • If a man is really laid under a necessity of sinning, it would certainly seem impossible to conceive that he is responsible for his sins.
  • It is only while we see amiss, and not while we see in part, that this problem must wear the appearance of a dark enigma.
  • A horse is excusable for being a horse, and not a man; but that prevents not that he ought to be a horse, and not a man.
  • If Newton himself had lived in that age, it is probable that he would have entertained the same opinion.
  • Indeed, so great and so obstinate has it seemed, that it is usually supposed to lie beyond the reach of the human faculties.
  • Yet such has been the case with most of the giant intellects that have laboured to reconcile the sovereignty of God and the moral agency of man.
  • The truth is, that the difficulty in question has been increased rather than diminished by the speculations of Leibnitz.
  • It clearly seems, that if it proves anything in favour of necessity, it proves everything for which the most absolute necessitarian can contend.
  • The bare fact that we will such and such a thing, without regard to how we come by the volition, is sufficient to render us accountable for it.
  • On the ground of reason, he believes in an absolute predestination of all things; and yet he concludes from experience that man is free.
  • The consequence was, that the dreams of philosophy, falsely so called, gave place to the clear realities of nature.
  • No one doubts, and no one denies, that the motions of the body are controlled by the volitions of the mind, or by some external force.
  • By this means he came to believe that the scheme of the Arminians could not be maintained, and his faith in it was gradually undermined.
  • But it should be observed that natural necessity, or co-action, reaches no deeper than the external conduct; and can excuse for nothing else.
  • It was reserved for Newton to produce a revolution in the mode of treating this branch of knowledge, as well as that of physical astronomy.
  • There is no controversy, he truly says, that voluntary actions, that is, external actions proceeding from the will, are necessitated by the will.
  • The attempt of Leibnitz to show that the scheme of necessity does not make God the author of sin.
  • He expressly declares, that in order to constitute man an accountable agent, he must be free, not only from constraint, but also from necessity.
  • And to enforce this lesson, he assured them that it was displeasing to the gods for men to attempt to pry into the wonderful art wherewith they had constructed the universe.
  • Secondly, the ancient philosophers laboured under the insuperable disadvantage, that the sublime disclosures of revelation had not been made known to the world.
  • We deny that volitions and their antecedents are necessarily connected; and our opponents refute us by showing that volitions and their sequents are thus connected!
  • Is it not strange that Mr. Hazlitt, after adopting this definition of liberty, should have supposed that he allowed a real freedom to the will?
  • Thus the liberty of the will is made to consist not in the denial that its volitions are produced, but in the absence of impediments which might hinder its operations from taking effect.
  • The conclusion of Moehler, Tholuck, and others, that all speculation on such a subject must be vain and fruitless.
  • Nay, it would not only seem impossible to conceive this, but it would also appear very easy to understand, that he could not be responsible for them.
  • We may say that they are also free, because the opposite motions imply no contradiction; and we only have to vary the force in order to vary the motion.

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Introducing a clause which is the subject or object of a verb (such as one involving reported speech), or which is a complement to a previous statement. | Introducing a subordinate clause expressing a reason or cause: because, in that. | (dated) Introducing a subordinate clause that expresses an aim, purpose, or goal ("final"), and usually contains the auxiliaries may, might, or should: so, so that.
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