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How To Use That Lies In A Sentence?

  • We must warn you of the fallacy that lies in this distinction of the thing itself, and its abuse.
  • This is the one great fact that lies at the foundation of future rewards and punishment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For That Lies | That Lies Sentence

  • I will do all that lies in me.
  • That lies in the future.
  • That lies in the clay.
  • That lies in the moss.
  • So you see the danger that lies here.
  • The blossom that lies withering!
  • Somebody said that lies whiten the teeth.
  • That lies in the triple-glowing light!
  • Go forth into the void that lies beyond.
  • In that lies the whole question of liberty.
  • They do not see the black ruin that lies before them.
  • All hail the day that lies just ahead!
  • You must show the truth that lies below the error.
  • The aortic plexus of nerves that lies upon the aorta.
  • The hand that lies beneath the book trembles slightly.
  • A concern, that lies very near my heart.
  • That lies with me, even now, at any hour.
  • I will Do all that lies within my power.
  • It comes of the curse that lies over the Island.
  • That lies within the guarded will of God.
  • The light that lies on land and sea Resplendent?
  • We shall sail to an island that lies not far from Macao.
  • My poor wife, That lies a-weeping for a tansy-cake!
  • Every danger they can overcome but the one that lies in themselves.
  • It's the something that lies behind it.
  • There is something here that lies beyond dates and documents.
  • The safety that lies in knowledge is utterly forbidden to them.
  • He had despoiled his soul of all the romance that lies in a wish.
  • They cannot forget for one instant the task that lies before them.
  • In that lies the secret of the different issue of their struggles.
  • She had got her glimpse of the grim reality that lies beneath.
  • My niece is consecrating her every thought to the task that lies before her.
  • By his magic the giant that lies on the mountain was turned to stone.
  • The wealth that lies in differences has dawned upon her vision.
  • And what serenity is this that lies at the mercy of every passer-by?
  • Level measurement means all that lies below the edge of the cup or spoon.
  • And in that lies one of the main differences between beast and man.
  • He is like a bit of iron or steel that lies upon the ground.
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