That Long In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For That Long | That Long Sentence

  • Hands off that long person!
  • Could he hold out that long?
  • He did not have to wait that long.
  • That long had said him nay.
  • I told you that long ago.
  • He will not be likely to live that long.
  • I learned that long ago.
  • Lily was satisfied of that long ago.
  • After that long and soundly they slept.
  • All that long night he fled.
  • Could he endure hunger that long?
  • Oh, about that long.
  • I have found out that long ago.
  • We agreed to that long ago.
  • What had kept him away that long?
  • All that long way from my own room.
  • See that long slide in the sand?
  • I might have been told that long ago.
  • That long story was meant to be mine.
  • How and when will that long-promised morning come?
  • My supplies were ample to last that long.
  • A verandah skirted all that long front.
  • She put an end to that long ago.
  • That long deep scar fascinated him.
  • You do not want the whole of that long story.
  • But if he could hold out that long the doc.
  • These were the last lines of that long correspondence.
  • Would that long day ever come to an end?
  • Where is the draught left by that long-bearded fool?
  • Her actions have convinced the world of that long ago.
  • And of course he must have been tired after that long ride.
  • But in what sense is that long or short, which is not?
  • Hardly anybody thought of eating all that long evening.
  • Again that long, sobbing breath.
  • But that long-drawn sorrow now shall cease.

How To Use That Long In A Sentence?

  • That long, thin fellow?
  • That long left shot out less sharply.
  • See that long, narrow road?
  • She recognized that she ought to have done that long ago.
  • All during that long dreadful day the fever rose and rose.
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