That None In A Sentence

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  • It was clear that none of this work was for him.
  • Twill be so late that none can direct.
  • Take care that none escape.
  • Watchfulness that none could detect.
  • Take care that none intrude.
  • Strange that none had elected to serve his own father!
  • It will be noted that none of these contains any rum.
  • That none his place might fill.
  • But none of that, none of that!
  • Then it occurred that none of us knew what to do.
  • I had not forgotten that none too remote contingency.
  • And was it not notorious that none would meet him?
  • Strange that none had elected to serve his own father!
  • They found that none of the houses were original.
  • It is only common justice to say that none of them was.
  • They were so astonished that none of them knew what to say.
  • I know that none of the girls have either.
  • To make sure that none of them is missing too.
  • It can be easily assumed that none of the boys were sorry.
  • This was the assurance implied that none need despair.
  • The worst of it was that none of them could hide the fact.
  • Sailing over seas uncharted to a port that none has seen.
  • God grant that none of us may be shut out.
  • This was done so that none might see where he was going.
  • Let us be certain that none of the boys are watching.
  • That none were present but the brothers of the said order.
  • It was clear to us that none were sleeping at their posts.
  • Hide them well in thy garments that none may see them.
  • Thou wilt give strength to our arms that none can resist.
  • The stench was so frightful that none would go near her.
  • It showed his power over us that none of us laughed.
  • And cries that none can answer, few will hear.
  • Here now: none of that, none of that.
  • So that none ever see the king eat or drink.
  • That none may miracles believe, who now will say?

How To Use That None In A Sentence?

  • Draw up round the house, and see that none escape.
  • No wonder; they took care that none was heard.
  • I held my hand close to my side that none might see.
  • That none but Love can scan.
  • The officer came closer, so that none other could hear.
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