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  • The law of her being was all that remained.
  • Those that remained were very disorderly.
  • That remained to be seen!
  • It was only the love of gambling that remained.
  • Finally came a paragraph that remained.
  • All that remained was soreness and distrust.
  • All that remained for them to do now was to catch the game.
  • Every house that remained was a house of mourning.
  • That remained the state of our relations for two days.
  • The four that remained stood upon its confines.
  • It had a dreadful aspect, but one that remained human.
  • This was all that remained of the fortress of Combles.
  • All that remained now was to get rid of the real Harmon.
  • They were all that remained of The Scented Garden.
  • She was fighting against that with all the strength that remained.
  • It was only the inanimate surroundings that remained what they had always been.
  • Only his eyes were bright and gleaming with the life that remained to him.
  • But during the year and a half that remained to him he was by no means idle.
  • He cleaned his rifle and counted the cartridges that remained to him.
  • A pink stocking was all that remained of his fighting costume.
  • The only difficulty that remained was to find a competent leader.
  • Pendleton gazed at the pictures that remained upon the walls.
  • All that remained were soldiers in the truest sense of the word.
  • That remained only by seeming to hang in the void surrounding it.
  • And twelve baskets of fragmants that remained were taken up.
  • Was it not rather all that remained of another and more recent catastrophe?
  • That quite decided him and all that remained to be done was to fix a time.
  • They have pressed out the last drop of moisture that remained in my heart!

How To Use That Remained In A Sentence?

  • They guessed all that was being said around them and all that remained unspoken.
  • Consequently it was his duty to direct the movements of the troops that remained.
  • Tributes are being collected from the encomiendas that remained to be pacified and subdued.
  • They are the sunshine that remained hanging to the leaves when the sun hid under them.
  • Then he passed his hand over his eyes as if to shut out the vision that remained.
  • Vainly had he believed that repose was the only solace that remained for his exhausted spirit.
  • They must exert themselves if they were to get through all the tool-work that remained.
  • And yet it was not the death of his mother that remained with him most poignantly this morning.
  • Now all that remained was to make their way down to within reach of the scientists.
  • He likened her to a motif that remained in his life as a melody that haunts the memory.
  • And broken glass with splintered fastenings was all that remained of the once perfect glazing.
  • All that remained now was to find out how one could get into the cellar from outside.
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