The Actual In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Actual | The Actual Sentence

  • All but the actual blow.
  • That was the actual finish.
  • And as to the actual denizens!
  • Not the actual words.
  • The actual responsibility?
  • What is the actual fact?
  • This was the actual truth.
  • It was the actual scene.
  • Dave himself did the actual fishing.
  • They were not the actual assassins.
  • Was it because that she herself was the actual assassin?
  • What will be the actual results?
  • Coming then to the actual work of prospecting.
  • The actual is not always the real.
  • The actual loss was immense.
  • He sifted the actual from the obvious.
  • These were the actual prices of the books.
  • Nor was this an overstatement of the actual facts.
  • The actual pursuit was abortive.
  • The actual row was a surprise.
  • She had not a glimmering of the actual truth.
  • Now as to the actual construction of the cases.
  • My own people did the actual making.
  • The actual events have been few and far between.
  • But the actual fight was elsewhere.
  • Now comes the actual twisting.
  • What is the first step in the actual trial?
  • It was first told during the actual ride.
  • Let me return to the actual text of that appeal.
  • The actual obeisance was too sacred in itself to film.
  • The actual distance is about 9 deg.
  • Which of these is the actual physical basis of life?
  • The actual result is disappointing to such an expectation.
  • I am considering the actual state of things.
  • The actual plot can only be described as hackneyed.

How To Use The Actual In A Sentence?

  • The mental picture obscured the actual.
  • I wished to state the actual truth.
  • The actual battle had occupied only a few minutes.
  • The actual history of this epiphany is curious.
  • What would happen when confronted by the actual?

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