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  • And what is the alleged libel?
  • The alleged will was held to be invalid.
  • The alleged reason is an insult to me.
  • The alleged witch had sickened cattle.
  • The alleged will had thus not a leg to stand upon.
  • Observe, this was 220 years after the alleged event.
  • Duncan, investigation into the alleged murder of, 294.
  • The decree deals with the alleged discoveries in Jerusalem.
  • As for some of the alleged wonders, I hesitated.
  • The Alleged Charleston Excitement.
  • The alleged offenders were defended by Horatio Rubens, Esq.
  • The Alleged Violation of the Treaty of Limerick.
  • That is a very strong circumstance in favour of the alleged origin.
  • But why all this elaborate farce of the mock quarrel and the alleged mistake?
  • The alleged compromising letters were never read to the jury.
  • A splendid pictorial argument against the alleged joys of small-boat sailing.
  • I wouldn't hear the alleged insult, in most cases.
  • One may proceed intelligently, with full light upon the alleged transaction.
  • That man may be traced back on the earth long prior to the alleged Adamic era.
  • His translation of the alleged "Messianic promise" in Genesis iii.

How To Use The Alleged In A Sentence?

  • Europe was astounded at the revelation and alarmed at the alleged imminence of war.
  • He was of opinion that the observers had been mistaken in the alleged detection of perturbations.
  • The critics point to the extreme triviality of the alleged communications from this world.
  • Why then should our positivists treat in this way the alleged immaterial part of consciousness?
  • And this ignorance is far more valuable for truth and religion than the alleged knowledge.
  • One of the alleged scoundrels was mentioned by name, and then the subject was dropped.
  • But the atomic weights are not alone in suggesting the compound nature of the alleged elements.
  • We do not know who translated the alleged protocols, nor in what language they were written.
  • It was odd at least to propose concord in the tone and on the alleged ground of an old grudge.
  • The best brains of the country are still exercised by the alleged need of brightening cricket.
  • Finally, the alleged immunity of pine from injury by ground fires is exaggerated.
  • They had applied for leave for the alleged purpose of visiting Pietermaritzburg.
  • An hour later, the alleged corpse returns to life, as lusty as before the ordeal.
  • In fact, it would have explained everything, except the coincidence of the alleged birth records.
  • The alleged power to charm down insanity, or ferocity in beasts, is a power behind the eye.
  • When he landed at Plymouth he boldly set about the appalling task of cultivating the alleged soil.
  • That it was not a Jewish idea will be shown when the alleged fulfilment of Isaiah vii.
  • But anything remarkable bubbles up to the top, as in the case of the alleged Peter Storm.
  • The alleged diamond field also was not in Arizona at all, but in north-western Colorado.
  • Roland, meanwhile, was reading with horrified eyes the alleged corking Scandal Page.
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