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How To Use The Allied In A Sentence?

  • Is there anything comparable to this to be found in any of the allied countries?
  • This is as directly contrary to the declaration as it is to the practice of the allied powers.
  • Jan had charge of a naval brigade formed of contingents from the ships of the allied fleets.
  • I was surrounded by fellows from all the allied nations, and had the chance to talk with them.
  • But no puissant genius in any of the allied countries towered above the dead level of mediocrity.
  • The allied countries between them could raise armies of over twenty millions of men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Allied | The Allied Sentence

  • The allied troops there are attacking.
  • The allied centre was pierced.
  • Washington now took command of the allied forces.
  • Montreal surrendered to the allied forces without a blow.
  • By four the allied armies were in full retreat.
  • The allied army was 80,000 strong.
  • The Allied cabinets did nothing.
  • The Allied endeavour had come to nothing.
  • The Allied purchasing was therefore completely controlled.
  • They had the Allied warriors now ill at ease and nervous.
  • By this time the Allied air squadron had disappeared.
  • We of the Allied army knew nothing of trench warfare.
  • Thus, the Allied offensive had broken his offensive.
  • Early in 1918, for the Allied forces, it looked dark.
  • That is why we, the Allied Nations, shall win.
  • Hoover, working in London, obtained the Allied consent.
  • Some Members of the Allied Press Camp.
  • The result of the allied movement was to invert their order.
  • In the allied field of government regulation progress had been made.
  • Nothing was left for the allied troops but to wait till morning.
  • They rushed up the slope in full view of the allied armies.
  • But soon he will grow feebler and weaker in comparison with the allied forces.
  • It was an unequal contest, and the allied fleets were victorious.
  • He therefore ordered a fierce attack upon the allied center.
  • The allied peoples were meanwhile content to muddle through in the old way.
  • So the allied world must import cane-sugar or have almost no sugar at all.
  • What was he doing in the uniform of one of the Allied nations?
  • I leave the conclusion to the allied armies, already in sight of victory.
  • When the allied forces did go in, they found many dreadful sights.
  • The suggestion was approved by the chiefs of the Allied governments.
  • Everything had been swept into the Allied pocket at an insignificant cost.
  • Paris seemed about to fall and there was anxiety in the Allied forces.
  • What this meant to the success of the Allied armies the world now knows.
  • France had the largest fleet of dirigibles among the Allied nations.
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