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  • The architect wrote it down.
  • The architect was in despair.
  • The architect followed this advice.
  • This is what the architect naturally prefers.
  • Rome could not help the architect here.
  • He concurred in all that had been said of the architect.
  • Have to confess such is the intention of the architect.
  • The architect had disdained any attempt at ornamentation.
  • She liked to be the architect, not the workman.
  • It takes the superior point of view of the architect.
  • A carpenter has a trade; the architect a profession.
  • And he the Architect.
  • If you remember, the architect was also the decorator.
  • The architect is Longhena.
  • The name of the architect was Sostratus.
  • Maria delle Grazie; Bramante was the architect of both.
  • He was the architect of the Radcliffe Library at Oxford.
  • More and more the chemist is becoming the architect of his own fortunes.
  • That calculation is by the architect to be prominently exhibited.
  • Modern music has been compelled to be the architect of its own fortunes.
  • But the thought of the architect is necessary for the building of the house.
  • It was a manifest if melancholy truth that the architect was an artist.
  • The architect is Edward Sharpe, Esq., of Lancaster.
  • The architect who designed the building studied her necessities.
  • But occasionally the architect did step in and design something.
  • But the architect could estimate only in the most general way.
  • The architect in this case had given rein to a passion for originality.
  • We imagined that the architect of this house had received a similar order.
  • No water to be added without the express permission of the architect.
  • The architect of the summer clouds has tried here his finer hand.

How To Use The Architect In A Sentence?

  • Knowledge of the subject is to the poet what durable materials are to the architect.
  • Bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks till the architect makes something out of them.
  • But the plain at the foot of the range offered all that the architect could wish.
  • Man is not merely the architect of his own fortune, but he must lay the bricks himself.
  • War legislation has pressed hard on many callings, and on none more than that of the architect.
  • He was the architect for one or two companies; and he used to do all his planning in that way.
  • I wrote the day before yesterday to the architect, who has offered his help gratuitously.
  • It will be a valuable historical record, and a work of much service also to the architect.
  • The architect who planned that cottage had no ideas of art, but a fine eye for durability!
  • It will be a valuable historical record, and a work of much service also to the architect.
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