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  • There is a great variety of fish in and about the Bahamas.
  • He's got no love for the Bahamas.
  • I have thought of naught else since we came through the Bahamas.
  • It was one of the Bahamas, but which one is not certainly known.
  • The traffic from the Bahamas under the British flag is being dealt with.
  • England is directly concerned in Cuba by its close proximity to the Bahamas.

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  • Winters in the Bahamas where by far the greater number of specimens have been found.
  • Widely distributed in the tropical seas, north casually to Florida and breeding in the Bahamas.
  • A tropical species breeding regularly north to the Bahamas and Florida; casually farther north.
  • They breed in abundance on some of the Florida Keys, the West Indies and the Bahamas.
  • I sat down at the piano and played and sang all the negro melodies my father had collected in the Bahamas years before.
  • The total population of the Bahamas has been ascertained, by census, to be a fraction less than forty thousand.
  • The climate of the Bahamas is mild and temperate, with refreshing sea breezes in the hottest months; and there is a mean temperature of 75 deg.
  • On the 19th of October we were about one hundred and fifty miles west of the Bahamas, and we encountered very disagreeable weather.
  • The people of the Bahamas have made frequent complaint to the governor about the conduct of the Spanish authorities in Cuba.
  • Two days later they were at Nassau in the Bahamas, from which the voyage to England was a secondary and fairly easy matter.
  • This little island, one of the Bahamas, is not, however, gilded with the anticipated splendors of Oriental countries.
  • William Latham about 1640 left for England, and afterwards went to the Bahamas, where he probably died.
  • There is plenty of grass; indeed the island is now considered to be the most fertile in the Bahamas, and raises an excellent breed of cattle and sheep.
  • Getting in the way of fair winds, we sighted the Bahamas, and passed the north-west coast of Cuba somewhere about the beginning of September.
  • From the Bahamas to the Main his coal-black barque, with the ambiguous name, had been freighted with death and many things which are worse than death.
  • The emotion of Columbus when he arrived at the Bahamas affords, perhaps, the nearest parallel to our feelings, but in our case the land in sight was the outlier of another planet.
  • He made it known that he intended to dislodge the pirates on the island of the Bahamas called New Providence and for some time settled by the British.
  • Our Northern cities are largely dependent upon the Bahamas for their early annual supplies of pineapples, cocoanuts, oranges, bananas, and some vegetables, in which they are all more or less prolific.
  • Sometimes their principal rendezvous was at the Isle of Pines; at others further north among the Bahamas, Nassau being one of their favorite resorts.
  • In common with the other islands of the group it was originally settled by the Spaniards, and afterwards by the British, who were driven from the Bahamas again by the Spanish in the year 1641.
  • The Bahama Banks extend along its northern coast-line about fifty or sixty miles distant, where commences the group of many small isles known as the Bahamas, and of which we have already treated.
  • Breeds abundantly from southern Texas, south through Mexico; north rarely to Kansas; has recently been found breeding in limited number on some of the Bahamas.
  • The common Booby is an abundant bird on some of the islands of the Bahamas and Bermudas; it is commonly called the Brown Booby because the upper parts are of a brownish gray.
  • Tropical regions, breeding in the Bahamas, West Indies and the Bermudas, casual in Florida and along the South Atlantic coast.
  • The Bridled Tern is common on some of the islands of the West Indies and the Bahamas, nesting in company with the Sooty Terns and Noddies.
  • She has been to the Bahamas for the winter, with a family of retired missionaries (I think they retired after one of them was eaten), but has come back to a house she owns in New England.
  • A low class of the negro or other inhabitants of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys are sometimes called "Conches" or "Conks" from the shell-fish which form their staple food.
  • Richmond had fallen; Jefferson Davis was seeking to escape, and the theory, quickly arrived at, was that this steamer had been seized to furnish the means, perhaps, to run him to the Bahamas, or Bermuda.
  • In August this year the Governor of the Bahamas sent a memorial to the Captain-General of Cuba about the impediments to the Bahama sponging trade caused by the arbitrary acts of the Spaniards.
  • One of them in the third or fourth generation had a descendant, Dr. James Du Bois, a gay, rich bachelor, who made his money in the Bahamas, where he and the Gilberts had plantations.
  • In 1790 Dr. Joseph Eve, originally from the Bahamas, but then a resident of Augusta, Georgia, made great improvements on this ancient machine, and adapted it to be run by horse- or water-power.
  • He got the Admiralty to telegraph to Sir Rodney Mundy, at Halifax, to despatch ships of war to aid the Governor of the Bahamas in protecting the colony from the raids of the Spaniards.
  • Tropical and sub-tropical America on the Atlantic coasts, breeding in the Bahamas and West Indies; north to Florida and casually to the South Atlantic States.
  • For instance, a neutral vessel, with neutral crew and cargo, would leave a port in Europe for a neutral port in America, say, Nassau in the Bahamas or Matamoras on the Rio Grande.
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