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How To Use The Bat In A Sentence?

  • The bat-guano is said to be richer as a manure than that derived from the swifts.
  • If he throws it within the distance measured by the bat from the measuring spot the batter is out.
  • Throwing and catching formed the basis of all the games, the bat being practically unknown.
  • The bat, apparently an imperfectly-formed creature, was for a long time a puzzle to naturalists.
  • And when he told a boy he was "on deck," that boy knew he was to be the next one at the bat.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Bat | The Bat Sentence

  • Right off the bat here are some of them.
  • I was entrusted with the bat.
  • The bat is a winged mouse.
  • The bat and the beetle crossed their path.
  • Bauckie-bird, the bat.
  • The thought of the bat suggested an idea.
  • Vainly the man at the bat tried to hit them.
  • But you paid it, right off the bat.
  • The bat, the mat, a rat.
  • Mike jumped out, and got the full face of the bat on to it.
  • The stories had to come hot from the bat, always.
  • I added, making a few vigorous passes with the bat.
  • Then Reddy came to the bat.
  • Danny Griswold came to the bat.
  • Two men were out when Gunther came to the bat.
  • Barrows, the center-fielder, came to the bat next.
  • The Charleston third baseman now came to the bat.
  • I thought you were coming for me, and so I raised the bat.
  • The Bat and the Weasels.
  • The shadows grow; The bat has cheeped.
  • Once more Sawed-Off towered at the bat.
  • The Bat Wing bunk-house was hardly a cheery lounging place.
  • But I want to go back past the Bat Wing.
  • The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat.
  • As with Gordon, Mrs. Mills went straight to the bat.
  • I just took a chance and started swinging the bat when he started his windings.
  • They disliked the bodeful chirp of the bat, the screech of the owl.
  • Its shape resembles that of the bat, although it is much larger.
  • I was coming home from your shops, and you made love to me right off the bat!
  • And now once more the redoubtable Charleston catcher appeared at the bat.
  • He leaned over and listened, same as if he was takin' 'em right off the bat.
  • The first man at the bat got a hit, while the next man took first on balls.
  • When the two armies were collected together the Bat hesitated which to join.
  • The Kingstonian center-fielder was the first to the bat, and he struck out.
  • For the current is sly and strong; Nestles the robin and flies the bat.
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