The Beans In A Sentence

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  • Fool that he was to spill the beans as he had!
  • He had spilt the beans.
  • Do not wash the beans.
  • They returned to fetch the beans.
  • Turn the beans in a colander to drain.
  • Her blood poured upon the beans.
  • Put the beans in an earthen bake dish.
  • The beans are all pushed upside down out of the ground.
  • Slice the beans and boil them in water with salt.
  • The beans nod their heads to no such gospel.
  • They also use the beans for sprouting.
  • A pickle will rise from the beans and salt.
  • Add salt, if the beans have not been seasoned.
  • On the soy bean they will be nearly as large as the beans.
  • Does anyone ask how the beans became so bitter?
  • I must go into the garden to pick the beans for dinner.
  • When ready to serve, the beans were added.
  • The beans of Beverly are better than peaches.
  • The beans of Embebeh are better than almonds.
  • Then had come the Day of the Beans.
  • You've spilled the beans.
  • Especially should this be done if the beans are not young and tender.
  • This is one of our own fields of the beans that we raised this year.
  • They were blowing the beans at the boy and his sister on the porch.
  • Boil the beans in as much water as they absorb until quite tender.
  • Beans put into cylindrical jars according to the sizes of the beans.
  • Remove the strings from the beans and then place a layer of salt in the crock.
  • The beans do not preach a sermon against liberty, but only against lawlessness.
  • Lamme was sad at this word, and looked at the beans in vinegar.
  • Soak the beans in butter over night, fry the onion in the butter.
  • And the beans and carrots did the same, each one coming from a small seed.
  • If it is to be used as a stock, strain without mashing the beans.
  • Some prefer it with the beans boiled soft, but not quite dissolved.
  • Boil it slowly till the meat is done to shreds, and the beans all dissolved.

How To Use The Beans In A Sentence?

  • Dissolve the seasoning and starch in the cold tomatoes before adding to the beans.
  • The beans were edible in the morning and we disposed of them and the peaches and went on our way.
  • The beans were kept up off the ground with strings running to sticks at the of each row.
  • We got the kettle over boiling with some of the wheat in it, for the beans were all gone.
  • Turkish coffee owes its excellence to the beans being newly roasted and newly ground.
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