The Bear In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Bear | The Bear Sentence

  • And what did they do with the bear?
  • The bear was following!
  • That was one to the bear.
  • We had more fun out of it than the bear.
  • They had forgotten the bear.
  • Then he darted off after the bear.
  • So did the bear hear it.
  • Manifestly the bear had outrun them.
  • The bear was gaining on him.
  • They had treed the bear.
  • This group went after the bear.
  • The bear was clearly suspicious.
  • The bear made no movement.
  • Sweet thinks the bear was meant.
  • The bear and the leopard are found.
  • The bear came on with a rush.
  • I wonder where they left the bear?
  • The bear is broken loose.
  • The bear was very cross at this reply.
  • And the bear attempted no defence against it.
  • But the bear kept on eating.
  • The bear was a great windfall.
  • Take the glory of killing the bear.
  • The bear seemed to understand.
  • Then the bear looked like this.
  • The wolf and the bear watched her.
  • The bear was not quiet for a moment.
  • Somewhere up there the hounds jumped the bear.
  • At first the bear did not move.
  • The bear was plainly disconcerted.
  • And then the bear breaks loose!
  • The bear at once brought a deer.
  • The bear was becoming angrier by the minute.
  • Meanwhile the bear went on and they never got it.
  • I watched them carelessly while waiting for the bear.

How To Use The Bear In A Sentence?

  • The bear was shot and taken on board.
  • He was sure that it was the skin of the bear he had shot.
  • Apparently the bear had found food to his liking.
  • Meanwhile the bear went on and they never got it.
  • The bear was the only success among us.
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