The Bible In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Bible | The Bible Sentence

  • There is but one named in the bible.
  • In the bible there are two accounts.
  • Mother says it contains a whole varse from the bible!
  • To each reader the bible conveys a different meaning.
  • If the bible is not obscene, what book is?
  • Does the bible teach man to enslave his brother?
  • Somewhere in the Bible.
  • What are you doing with the Bible?
  • Introduction to the Bible.
  • Are they in affinity with the Bible?
  • And all this is the religion of the Bible!
  • Instances are found in the Bible.
  • Of this we have some evidence in the Bible.
  • They are led to the Bible.
  • Is not this the teaching of the Bible?
  • Do you delight in the Bible?
  • The essence of the Bible.
  • Wesley was a believer in the Bible.
  • The Bible tells me so.
  • Minute stories from the Bible.
  • We are familiar with it in the Bible.
  • With this the Bible agrees.
  • The Bible teaches the same.
  • The Bible agrees with this.
  • Its language is that of the Bible.
  • Two are paraphrases from the Bible.
  • Is the Bible civilized?
  • He took it out of the Bible.
  • The Bible explains it.
  • Her only book was the Bible.
  • What does the Bible say?
  • What the Bible teaches.
  • This the Bible teaches.
  • Does it square with the Bible?
  • Standard handbook of the Bible.

How To Use The Bible In A Sentence?

  • Read daily in the Bible.
  • There are so many in the Bible!
  • Novel use of the Bible.
  • Rome and the Bible 12.
  • The Bible heads all!
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