The Bigger In A Sentence

How To Use The Bigger In A Sentence?

  • It is when the bigger fellows get mixed up with the town that we have to interfere.
  • Lightfoot was just a little bit the bigger and it seemed to her just a little bit the handsomer.
  • And of course the bigger the scale of the work the cheaper the power will work out.
  • The bigger boys and some of the visitors who had gathered round shouted with laughter.
  • Three of the bigger girls were her nurses, but they shared their treasure with all the rest.
  • He was not therefore surprised when they entered one of the bigger houses facing the sea.
  • Of course not; we have always noticed that the bigger the fool the more he eats.
  • Most of them were armed with slings, some of the bigger boys with bows and arrows.
  • The more she loves the bigger he grows, but in an ecstasy he could put her in his pocket.
  • The more stunts you can pull off, the bigger hits these pictures are going to make.
  • He could not assassinate it boldly by tearing out a vital organ as he had done to the bigger car.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Bigger | The Bigger Sentence

  • Only the bigger fellows.
  • It was the bigger packet.
  • He noted all the bigger ones among them.
  • The bigger outbreak was not a bit more serious.
  • Got to save most of the film for the bigger scenes.
  • The bigger boy hands him the cigarette.
  • Then he put the bigger one back.
  • The bigger the ring the nearer the bad weather.
  • The nearer he got to the ground the bigger he looked.
  • The bigger the gripe, the smaller the cause!
  • The ranges were signalled, and the bigger guns were laid.
  • I'm not quite sure, but who's the bigger dunce?
  • The Bigger Fool, the Better Luck.
  • Isn't that the bigger one?
  • It is pursued because the bigger beasts of the chase have been killed out.
  • Little worlds will be subjugated by the bigger ones, and so on.
  • More than ever he became a thorn in the side of the bigger road.
  • The bigger man's grin was lopsided.
  • There isn't room for us in the bigger boats.
  • Thus the bigger the rights, the more innovation we will get.
  • I'm the bigger, and stronger than you.
  • The more complicated the machine, the bigger mess it can make.
  • One of the bigger girls got down on her knees to untie the clumsy knot.
  • The bigger procession's destination was soon known.
  • The bigger criminal stood up and folded his arms upon his chest.
  • The speaker smiled frankly into the bigger man's eyes.
  • The bigger I grow.
  • The babies were bathed and the bigger children sent to rows of wash-basins.
  • A sudden blaze of wrath flared up in the bigger man's eyes.
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