The Board In A Sentence

How To Use The Board In A Sentence?

  • Given that, and everything goes by the board.
  • Round the board sat many men and women.
  • The master of the feast sat at the head of the board.
  • The board of managers is made up of fifteen women.
  • Then he showed me his name himself, on the board.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Board | The Board Sentence

  • The board was shut down again.
  • The board is all nonsense.
  • But he went with them to the bar and to the board.
  • The board-marker grinned.
  • Dauvit brought his hand down on the board.
  • Guilty straight across the board.
  • This the board would not permit.
  • He turned to look at the board.
  • He gazed at the board on the wall.
  • Dickie was already on her way for the board.
  • Her thoughts were all with him that had left the board.
  • They could not take their eyes from the board before them.
  • Preconceived notions must go by the board.
  • The board of supervisors is a commission government.
  • They had a set of cards tacked on the board.
  • Presently a green light flashed on the board.
  • Soon a merry party surrounded the board.
  • The board could not be put up in that state.
  • The board had stuck fast in its box.
  • But a difference arose in the board of supervisors.
  • And she nodded towards the phial on the board.
  • He had nailed the board from tree to tree.
  • All other morals and immoralities go by the board.
  • By the board, you mean?
  • The board of censorship is becoming more strict.
  • The father looked around the board.
  • The board was spread in anticipation of a visit from him.
  • In it say that the board gave me the prize.
  • Her mast and funnel had gone by the board.
  • The provision on the board called for no excuses.
  • Blunt is getting ready to sweep the board.
  • He seized a big spoon and rapped on the board with it.
  • Esper and telepathy go by the board when shooting starts.
  • He saw the writing on the board and crossed the barn.
  • Two of these were members of the board, viz.
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