The Brain In A Sentence

How To Use The Brain In A Sentence?

  • Name the three parts of the brain.
  • What is said of the weight of the brain?
  • Is it a phantom of the brain or a reality?
  • The brain is master of the body.
  • That sandbag had landed on the brain.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Brain | The Brain Sentence

  • Pertaining to the brain.
  • The same with the brain.
  • Thus it is with the brain.
  • I was just numb in the brain.
  • Rivers on the brain evidently.
  • Describe the ventricles of the brain.
  • Describe this portion of the brain.
  • Describe the surface of the brain.
  • Born of the brain and not the liver.
  • What is remarkable of the brain?
  • Is the brain a ganglion?
  • The brain that trusted you!
  • A feat of the brain!
  • Fear paralyzes the brain.
  • A prolongation of the brain.
  • It is the same with the body as with the brain.
  • A secretion of the brain?
  • Relating to the brain and spine.
  • This is the age of the brain.
  • It is a creation of the brain.
  • There is inflammation on the brain.
  • What work does the brain do?
  • It was declared water on the brain!
  • The surface of the brain is very uneven.
  • It has gone wrong in the brain.
  • Of what use are the brain and nerves?
  • The lower part of the brain.
  • The brain can do it, too.
  • The burning will has tyrannised over the brain.
  • He died from congestion of the brain.
  • The brain grows through its own activity.
  • Why should the brain be called into action?
  • It was no longer a question of the brain.
  • The brain should be called into action.
  • The mind acts through the brain.
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