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  • Humanity in the bulk is mediocre.
  • It will be otherwise with the bulk of the citizens.
  • The bulk of the sightseers had departed.
  • Presently the bulk of the vessel appeared again.
  • I have here the bulk of what my uncle gave me.
  • You are not like the bulk of my patients.
  • The bulk of the feasters sat on the ground.
  • The bulk inside thrilled to life again.
  • The bulk of the natives own and cultivate their own lands.
  • All this adds to the bulk of his polemical writings.
  • The bulk of the range showed dark.
  • The factory represented the bulk of the loss.
  • It is the time when the bulk of the palay is harvested.
  • I looked up at the bulk that had carried us.
  • Jinnai brought off in safety the bulk of the party.
  • The bulk of the pursuers were still some way behind.
  • The bulk of mankind believe in two gods.
  • Of course, the bulk is nothing.
  • There still remains the bulk of the fats to be disposed of.
  • Stafford goes away spinning along the bulk-head.
  • The co-operators would then form the bulk of the market.
  • The bulk would cheerfully and gladly go anywhere.
  • The bulk of the yarn is made up into 6-cut hanks.
  • The bulk of the cession is in Ohio.
  • These make the bulk of the Dutch school.
  • They are Mahometans and form the bulk of the population.
  • But I got the bulk of the business!
  • The bulk of the estate goes to this eccentric Society.
  • The bulk of his letters to Reeve alone is truly formidable.
  • The bulk of Jonas Lloyd abruptly shut off the light.
  • Mrs. Le Grande had willed him the bulk of her fortune?
  • The bulk of this descended to William B. Astor.
  • They have to do the bulk of the loving all through the world.
  • The bulk of the work of the leaves is accomplished before midsummer.

How To Use The Bulk In A Sentence?

  • The bulk of mankind content themselves with contributing criticism.
  • Then the bulk of the herd are turned loose into the bush again.
  • When they move the bulk of the labour again falls on the women.
  • Of such a character was the bulk of the satires produced at that time.
  • The medicine was recovered but the bulk of the peas were lost.
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