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  • Who were the candidates in 1852?
  • Zealously the candidates perform their pranks.
  • The candidates are in a great fright.
  • One of the candidates, indeed!
  • The candidates had not even been agreed upon.
  • Even the candidates, most of whom are men, are embarrassed.
  • Who were the candidates for President in 1824?
  • The candidates, to a boy, rejected that specious plea.
  • Of Finishing the Candidates of one Lodge in another.
  • All the candidates for the consulship are charged with bribery.
  • For two years the candidates are under the instruction of superior sisters.
  • Most of the candidates had resumed the old customs of '92.
  • Marcellus was one of the candidates for the aedileship with Clodius.
  • In 1828 the candidates for the Presidency were Generals Pedraza and Guerrero.
  • The candidates elected, A, B, and X, each represent a "quota" of voters.

How To Use The Candidates In A Sentence?

  • The candidates were carefully instructed in these rules before the beginning of the celebration.
  • Finally we had sifted out all the candidates for the highest class except three.
  • The candidates who had survived this final cut were safe to finish the season out.
  • In 1832 for the first time the candidates were all nominated in national conventions.
  • The more learned the examiner, the more kind and indulgent is he to the candidates.
  • Then a bell rang; there was a buzz and movement the candidates were making ready again.
  • The candidates neither love nor respect nor fear them, individually or collectively.
  • These visitors seemed a solemn lot, and conversation included the candidates only now and then.
  • Thither come older members from afar, especially those related to the candidates.
  • A full vote was polled, and by sundown the fate of the candidates had been decided.
  • Extreme opinions are put forth by the candidates, often in violent and injurious language.
  • The priests, vested in their sacerdotal garments, then came forward to receive the candidates.
  • The candidates B and E, the values of whose votes exceed the quota, are declared elected.
  • The names of the candidates are given with the numbers of the various preferences recorded for each candidate.
  • He had passed several of the public examinations in which the candidates could be numbered by the thousand.
  • The candidates for initiation then took off their ordinary garments and put on the skins of young does.
  • Then came interviews with the candidates and the expression of their convictions in regard to tariff questions.
  • They take the most interest in the elections and all the candidates come from the higher-middle-class of income.
  • The ballots are printed by the state, and contain the names of all the candidates of all the parties.
  • They were quite absurd and were intended only to furnish amusement to the members at the expense of the candidates for initiation.
  • The order in which the names of the candidates appear upon the lists is arranged by the organizations responsible for their presentation.
  • At first the electoral votes did not state whether the candidates named in them were candidates for the presidency or for the vice-presidency.
  • The electoral total of a list is the sum of the votes given to the candidates whose names appear thereon.
  • The lists shall each be printed on a separate sheet with the names of the candidates in the order in which they appear on the nomination papers.
  • There were also mysteries connected with him, in which the candidates had to pass through a great series of trials and hardships.

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