The Conductor In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Conductor | The Conductor Sentence

  • The conductor nodded.
  • The conductor frowned.
  • The conductor chuckled.
  • Keep your eyes on the conductor.
  • They were helped in by the conductor.
  • Just then the conductor called out the station.
  • The conductor is out on the back platform.
  • The conductor waved his arm.
  • The conductor wanted orders.
  • The conductor spoke as a man.
  • I asked the conductor what had happened?
  • The other man was the conductor of the train.
  • The conductor was in equal ignorance.
  • Soon after starting the conductor entered.
  • The conductor came through the car.
  • The conductor looked us both over.
  • The conductor shook his head.
  • And then they were asked by the conductor for their money.
  • The conductor eyed them with some amusement.
  • The conductor took no notice.
  • The conductor knows that they will come.
  • The conductor was an exceedingly popular individual.
  • The conductor stuck his head into the car.
  • The conductor spoke to him so loudly that he jumped.
  • And the conductor jerked the bell-rope.
  • Zulma! called the conductor.
  • Half an hour later the conductor approached them.
  • The conductor nodded affably as the train rolled out.
  • The conductor waved his hand and the aria was commenced.
  • He boarded it, and was saluted by the conductor.
  • He could do that as well as make the conductor wait.
  • The conductor came running toward me excitedly.
  • The conductor ordered the passengers to leave the train.
  • The conductor was a man of wide experience on the railroad.
  • And here the conductor saw us for the first time.

How To Use The Conductor In A Sentence?

  • The conductor thus appealed to confirmed the statement.
  • She reached out, groping for the arm of the conductor.
  • Here the conductor came round, and interrupted them.
  • The conductor paused, his hand on the strap.
  • The conductor was Nikisch.
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