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  • The beggar, with a livid face and clinched cane, confronted the Congressman like a maniac.
  • The Congressman told the old man to come with him and he would introduce him to Mr. Lincoln.
  • Mr. Solomon Bangs, his shirt-bosom crackling with importance, introduced the Congressman.
  • Usually a request by a library to be placed upon such a list is granted; if not, a letter to the congressman will bring the desired result.
  • The Congressman from Warchester dared not work against Boone, who was potent as a Cabinet minister in the councils of the Government.
  • The Congressman congratulated the old man on his success--but the old man did not respond.
  • If he had a home somewhere in the East, and his father had influence with the Congressman of the district, it might be done; but the sons of army officers have really very little chance.
  • No word came from Washington, other than a polite note from the Congressman which stated that books, such as he presumed the gentlemen wanted, were much in demand but would be sent if procurable.
  • She was weary to the bone with the day's work, and had not the strength, if she had the will, to prevent the Congressman drawing her to his heart.
  • The Congressman from Choteau County had returned from Washington with fresh laurels; and Benton turned out to welcome her Great Man.
  • Why the Congressman elected by the people of the South will--represent the people of the South.
  • This superlative confidence in his own goodness makes me think of the congressman of whom it was said, "He is the most distinguished man in Washington.
  • The Congressman grew paler, and he made an effort to say "Go on," but his voice was scarcely audible, and Elk MacNair saw that he seemed to be suddenly sick.
  • They are apt to read some able New York journal which speaks for their party, and the congressman will read the daily and weekly newspapers of his district, and the senator the prominent ones of his state which belong to his party.
  • In fact, the Congressman became so much interested that he sought a share in the enterprise, and, securing it, resigned from Congress that he might devote his efforts to securing the passage of the bill and to acting as legal adviser.
  • Armed with a letter of introduction signed by leading citizens of the county, to the Congressman from the district, he went in person to Washington and through the kindness of the representative obtained an interview with the Secretary of War.
  • Captain Eri, seated on the platform at one end of the half-circle of selectmen, local politicians, and minor celebrities, looked from the Congressman in the middle to Luther on the other end, and then out over the crowded settees.
  • In that old man's long waxed mustache, crimped hair, and threadbare finery the Congressman recognized Old Beau, the outcast gamester and mendicant, and the father of Joyce and Uriel Basil.
  • The gentleman in charge of the executive department of the home office looks up the facts regarding the political connections of the Congressman, wires to the papers published in his district suggesting to them the advisability of using their influence to change the Congressman's opinion.
  • Then the Congressman will probably say, looking fondly at the picture: "I must tell Lou--er--my wife, you know, what you have said.
  • ov the civilized, and uncivilized, the Hindoo, and the Saxon, the nigger, and the congressman.
  • She has gone too headlong, and compromised herself to such an extent with the committee chief, that when she was prepared for a _coup de grace_, the congressman turned the tables.
  • The name given to him by his parents was "Hiram Ulysses;" but the Congressman had made a mistake in presenting the nomination, and at West Point he was known as "Ulysses Sidney."
  • But, in reality, the Congressman belonged to the same faith with his constituent and client--both Presbyterians like their great-grandfathers, who were Scotch pioneers among the spurs of the Alleghenies; and there still lived these twain, in fashion little changed--MacNair a lawyer at the court-house town, and Jabel Blake the creator, reviver, and capitalist of the hamlet of Ross Valley.
  • "Jabel has good points, Elk," said the Congressman; "if you can understand the passion of the town builder you can apprehend him.
  • exclaimed Elk MacNair, with a voice of bitterness, yet with a melancholy glance of admiration in the direction of the Congressman; "he is more dangerous than sick.
  • "Madame," said the Congressman, "will you permit me to make the suggestion that your daughter is already a woman and needs a father's care, if she is ever to receive it.
  • : You can go to school for a few years more and behave yourself and then, if I've got any influence with the Congressman from this district--and I sort of b'lieve
  • "I feel almost religiously happy," said Arthur, the Congressman; "not for myself, particularly; not for my mere election to Congress, for in our district there are many abler men to make representatives of--

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  • The congressman needed a little pick-and-shovel experience.
  • The Congressman looked disappointed, but not yet satisfied.
  • For the congressman and the senator are industrious newspaper readers.
  • The Congressman from the district agreed to make the necessary speech.
  • It added $2,500 to the annual salary of the Congressman or $5,000 for a term.
  • What difficulty did the Congressman have in connection with Z. Taylor?
  • "Mrs. Basil," continued the Congressman, "I want you to be explicit with me.
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