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  • Memorise the correlation you make.
  • The correlation is shown in defects.
  • What will be the result if we memorise the correlation?
  • One of these was the correlation of mass power and military power.
  • The correlation of mind and brain do not involve their identity.
  • The correlation with the synodic rotation of the Sun was practically perfect.
  • In this latter case the correlation is positive and high (.66).
  • The Doctrine of the Correlation of Forces: its Development and Evidence.

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  • The correlation is highest of all with estimated intelligence, whatever that may mean.
  • The following table shows the correlation of all the estimated traits with these two objective measurements.
  • The correlation of the various momentary spaces of one time-system is achieved by the relation of cogredience.
  • Just the reverse is actually the case, the correlation of coordination and adding decreasing consistently.
  • In every case the correlation between grades and salary is positive, although the coefficients are all small.
  • Miles finds that the correlation between the average elementary school grade and the high school grade is .71.
  • So it is with every other relative term; but the case we use to express the correlation differs in some instances.
  • From the point of view of the employer, the incompleteness of the correlation between tests and direct measures is of little concern.
  • In the case of tapping it is only at the one hundred and thirtieth trial that the correlation with final position exceeds .69.
  • If they do nothing else, they will at any rate accustom the observer to the highly important idea of the correlation of all phenomena.
  • The correlation of the tests with the records is considerably lower, while the correlation of records with estimates is exceedingly low.
  • The following table shows the correlation of judicial capacity in the case of each trait with standing in the tests and with academic records.
  • This problem of the correlation of vital and physical forces is inevitably forced upon us with the doctrine of the correlation of forces.
  • The correlation between music and architecture is no new thought; it is implied in the famous saying that architecture is frozen music.
  • But who can doubt that the watch, as well as the water-wheel, is governed by the law of the correlation of forces?
  • The correlation between interest in the last three years of elementary school and capacity in the college period is computed to be about .60.
  • The later period witnessed the correlation of state and society by coordination of ideological, military, and governmental power.
  • I endeavor to stimulate the imagination of the pupil through reading, through knowledge of art, through a comprehension of the correlation of all the arts.
  • The correlation of the facts of sense-experience effected by the alternative account of nature extends beyond the physical properties of motion and the properties of congruence.
  • This fact may then tend somewhat to reduce the correlation of the preliminary trials and may in some cases materially affect the first five or ten trials.
  • They knew the correlation of these many forces just as the expert billiard-player knows instinctively the various angles of incident and reflection between his cue-ball and its mark.
  • With respect to the differences of race, a conjecture has occurred to me that much may be due to the correlation of complexion (and consequently hair) with constitution.
  • The reader may perhaps fail to perceive the bearing of this long discussion of symbols and sacraments upon the subject of art and architecture, but in the mind of the author the correlation is plain.
  • Opposites, in the fiftieth trial, yields a coefficient equal to that of addition in the twenty-fifth trial, and by the eightieth trial the correlation may be said to be complete.
  • This may seem a highly mystical idea, but the correlation between the house and its inhabitant, and the body and its consciousness is everywhere close, and is susceptible of infinite elaboration.
  • Here, "more a son" refers to the comparison between "real son" and "stepson," but the latter is the second antecedent so the correlation is a defective one.
  • The ulterior aim, the purpose beyond itself, the correlation by which planets subside and crystallize, then animate beasts and men, will not stop, but will work into finer particulars, and from finer to finest.
  • Only occasional attempts have been made to determine the influence of practice on the correlation of abilities, and those that have been reported have been based on so few practice trials that no review of them need be given.
  • To terminate the race at a point where the correlation is low and to reward the contestants according to the position they had reached at that point would be manifestly unfair to those who were still speeding up and partial to those who were losing ground.
  • It may be, on the one hand, that these characteristics are only partial components of that more general trait, intelligence (with which the correlation of the tests is still higher), at least so far as the estimates of our associates are concerned.
  • Whether Licquet destroyed certain over-explicit papers, or whether he preferred in so delicate a matter to act without too much writing, there remain such gaps in the story that we have not been able to establish the correlation of the facts we are about to reveal.
  • The golden sun, the silver moon: these commonly employed descriptive adjectives themselves supply the correlation we are seeking; another indication of its validity lies in the fact that one of the characteristics of water is its power of reflecting; that moonlight is reflected sunlight.
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