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  • Plato attributes a single vital direction and a single moral source to the cosmos.
  • Thus we see the flower playing a wonderfully important part in the cosmos around us.
  • This bewildering conception of the cosmos did not trouble the minds of pre-Copernican thinkers.
  • As it is, the call comes from something smaller than the Place and certes adrift from the cosmos.
  • I assure you I regard Robbins as an interferer with the cosmos and fair order of things.
  • In this manner the child, the "new life," was introduced to the Cosmos of which it was now a part.
  • What the zoologists did to the animal kingdom, must be done by the logician to existence in general, to the cosmos.
  • They made it possible for man to reflect within himself consciously and to reproduce within his cognition, the wisdom revealed in the cosmos.
  • They sought to be everything, to have the whole force of the cosmos behind them, to have an energy that would drive the stars.
  • Within the universe there are many worlds, which all of them make out the cosmos, which has neither a beginning nor an end in time and space.
  • It makes little difference whether we say that the concept of the universe, or of the cosmos, or of the most perfect being is innate in man.
  • It gets rid of the difficulty of accounting for the apparent order of the Cosmos as the result of a struggle between independent wills.
  • We think the question is not whether the theory of the cosmos affects matters, but whether in the long run, anything else affects them.
  • Its giant brooms and mops seem to reach the starry rafters and Starless corners of the cosmos; it is a cosmic spring cleaning.
  • When an Omaha child is born the parents send to the clan that has charge of the rite of introducing the child to the Cosmos.
  • When once a god is admitted, even a false god, the Cosmos begins to know its place: which is the second place.
  • When I cease to exist as the microcosm, when I begin to think of the cosmos, then the stars are other worlds.
  • I slowly and surely lost what faith I had, and hung a withered heart upon the pitiless and nameless bosom of the Cosmos.
  • He was conceived, some Chinese writers say, because the philosophical explanations of the Cosmos were too recondite for the ordinary mind to grasp.
  • With this new clearing up of the picture-consciousness the human being sees himself as though enveloped in a cloud, which has descended upon him like a being from the cosmos.
  • When once it is the real God the Cosmos falls down before Him, offering flowers in spring as flames in winter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Cosmos | The Cosmos Sentence

  • All this is between me and the cosmos.
  • The cosmos is a living being.
  • The cosmos is too raveled by change, too far gone.
  • It desires to understand the universal whole, the cosmos.
  • The mathematics of the Cosmos.
  • The Place is a balanced aquarium, just like the cosmos.
  • Compared to the wealth of the cosmos the intellect is only a poor fellow.
  • In other words there is but one stuff of which the cosmos is formed.
  • But the cosmos must be made internally homogeneous in these same terms.
  • And the Cosmos!
  • Can we any longer locate the now, the real now of the cosmos?
  • It's a jelly of nerve cells and it's a vision of the cosmos.
  • Thus the human germ reposes, until a new awakening, in the depth of the cosmos.
  • He refuses to be the Cosmos; because he refuses to forget it.
  • It may be called by many names, such as the universe, the cosmos, or the world.
  • The Cosmos as such is cannibal; as old Time ate his children.
  • The Origin of the Cosmos 242 Sect.
  • If we regard the Cosmos as a dream, we regard the Fiscal Question as a dream.
  • Then I opened the cosmos--what funny long thin ones!
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