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  • Will you engineer the deal?
  • The deal was concluded.
  • Closed the deal last night.
  • The deal went to the latter.
  • I certainly had the best of the deal.
  • Something about the deal got into the newspapers.
  • The deal is held up without you.
  • We shook hands upon the deal.
  • This time he meant to get his hand in the deal.
  • So the deal did not go through, this time.
  • A few moments later saw the deal closed.
  • How much is the deal, did the mon say?
  • He leaned back as far as he could in the deal chair.
  • Whether the deal was official or unofficial, no one cared.
  • Salome won the deal; they were cut again, and she began.
  • It was to be sweetened for $100 each time the deal passed.
  • The deal fell to the Prince.
  • He and Betty together would put the deal over.
  • The deal came to Gerald, who riffled the cards.
  • The deal is on.
  • We're all in on the deal.
  • Rainey ain't in on the deal.
  • I'm out of the deal absolutely.
  • Now they want to change the terms of the deal retrospectively.
  • I'm plumb satisfied with the deal.
  • Profit on that part of the deal is a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.
  • The deal he put over with me may have been nothing but clever business.
  • But the bankers do not choose to sell out the bonds and close the deal.
  • We had cut for partners again, with the only result of shifting the deal.
  • Perhaps the management has saved five or ten dollars a week on the deal.
  • But that was hardly likely, considering that he was to be left out of the deal.
  • Then something went wrong in the deal and the shares began to decline in value.
  • This time we'll try to make the deal a better one for you.
  • He invested half of the money in copper and made quite a little on the deal.
  • You say Rainey ain't in on the deal.

How To Use The Deal In A Sentence?

  • The solicitor who finally entered into the deal was one who had done the same thing before.
  • Carrol had engineered the deal, and he would have blushed if he had not forgotten how.
  • Seth did so with a grumble, and wondered how much the proprietor was making out of the deal.
  • The basket would be worth twopence or less and she had made many shillings on the deal.
  • Like my imaginary painter, they want to change the terms of the deal retrospectively.
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