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  • There follow herewith the two documents relating to the joint expedition to the delta in 1817.
  • Outside the Delta and the strip of land which can be watered from the river there is only desert.
  • It forms almost the boundary of the fertile region of the Delta on the eastern side.
  • At the top the green and fertile area of the Delta spreads like the graceful leaves and foliage.
  • Two days later it reaches the Delta, just in time to save the country from drought and sterility.
  • The Karens are numerically the strongest and live in the delta of the Irrawaddy.
  • At last the wilderness recedes and the living world broadens out again into Egypt and the Delta.
  • Ahead, the city of Konkrook sprawled along the delta of the Konk river and extended itself inland.
  • The part of the valley first cultivated was from Gebel Silsileh to the apex of the Delta.
  • The delta was again visited in 1817 by Father Narciso Duran, who left an extensive diary.
  • Crossing the deep bay, at the head of which is the delta of the Luaba, we came to Cape Kasofu.
  • It was the sacred animal of Onuphis in the Delta, and of Ombos in the far south of Egypt.
  • The territory of the Harpoon in the Delta divided itself into the Western and Eastern Harpoon.
  • The enemy was therefore unable to enlarge the breach and was energetically held in the delta of the river.
  • Abella's course in detail through the delta as it exists today is doomed to failure in advance.
  • I have in mind the delta of a river whose shores are so level that it is a constant struggle whether land or water shall prevail.
  • We occasionally encountered stranded packs on the delta, which in the starlight seemed to extend indefinitely in every direction.
  • A few principalities were established at the apex of the Delta in localities where the soil had earliest been won from the river.
  • It was in the fifth year of his reign that the Delta was attacked by a formidable combination of foes.
  • It was hardly possible that the fertile soil and enervating climate of the Delta would have evolved a warrior race.
  • Heliopolis became the chief focus in the north, from which civilization radiated over the rich plains and the marshes of the Delta.
  • The beaters for the great hunts which took place in the Delta and the Fayoum were procured in the same fashion.
  • Here in the delta their engineer laid out a town, called Christinaham, and a fort behind the rocks on which they had landed.
  • He, it is true, marched across the Delta, and the final battle was fought in the interior of the country.

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  • An hour later they were heading for the delta.
  • Yet, the delta rhythms persist.
  • The area of the delta is about 1,230 square miles.
  • A new dynasty arose in the Delta.
  • It is the diary of exploration of the delta region by Fr.
  • Supremacy of Sais and the other cities of the Delta.
  • This region is called the Delta of the Nile.
  • And there the Delta ends, and Egypt proper has begun.
  • Under the sun the green reach of the delta had a most peaceful appearance.
  • Their habitat probably extended inland from the delta for some distance.
  • In the eastern cities of the Delta these procedures were not so simple.
  • The organization of the Delta, it would appear, was more slowly brought about.
  • Among the cities he built in the Delta were Ramses and Pithom.
  • It was while the Hyksos kings were reigning that Abraham visited the Delta.
  • The Capitulations would apply to the Upper Nile regions, as to the Delta.
  • In B.C. 674 he entered the Delta and scattered the forces of the Ethiopians.
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