The Desired In A Sentence

How To Use The Desired In A Sentence?

  • But this denunciation had by no means the desired effect.
  • Two days and a half brought her to the desired haven.
  • The timely threat had the desired effect.
  • For the time being this action had the desired effect.
  • However, it had the desired effect.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Desired | The Desired Sentence

  • It had the desired affect.
  • But this did not have the desired results.
  • It had the desired effect.
  • This had the desired effect.
  • This had the desired effect.
  • My plan had the desired effect.
  • Sally did not find the desired sympathy.
  • I obtained the desired result.
  • We got the desired result.
  • East had given him the desired opening.
  • This treatment had the desired effect.
  • But the fib had the desired effect.
  • The desired effect was produced.
  • Cast on the desired number of stitches.
  • This threat had the desired effect.
  • Ned rendered the desired assistance.
  • We were nearing the desired ground.
  • Thrackles supplied the desired answer.
  • It is hoped that this will have the desired effect.
  • This message had the desired effect.
  • Had it produced the desired effect?
  • She found the desired number.
  • Their stratagem had the desired success.
  • The expedient produced the desired effect.
  • Slowly but surely the desired effect was produced.
  • The desired object was effected as follows.
  • Any taxidermist will give you the desired information.
  • This bold dash had the desired effect.
  • Willie speedily got the desired objects.
  • Naturally this would bring the desired result.
  • The nurse entered with the desired articles.
  • This last hint had the desired effect.
  • This advance on her part has the desired effect.
  • This dreadful menace had the desired effect.
  • The remedies which he prescribed had the desired effect.
Sentence Structure is important because it provide us with the framework for the clear written expression of our ideas.The aim in writing is always to write in complete sentences which are correctly punctuated. Sentences always begin with a capital letter and end in either a full stop, exclamation or question mark. A complete sentence always contains a verb, expresses a complete idea and makes sense standing alone. On this page we are showing correct ways to write:

The Desired in a sentence

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