The Devil In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Devil | The Devil Sentence

  • What the devil is it to you?
  • To the devil with it!
  • And how the devil should he?
  • But what the devil can we do?
  • What the devil was that?
  • What the devil were you doing there!
  • And what the devil are you doing here?
  • Where in the devil are you?
  • Let them be off and at the devil!
  • What the devil is that to you?
  • And now where the devil was it?
  • There is the devil who did it.
  • What the devil are you doing here?
  • Now what the devil is up?
  • Where the devil are you?
  • That was the devil there.
  • Affectation is the devil.
  • What in the devil are they waiting for?
  • Then what the devil are you waiting for?
  • Christ carried by the devil.
  • What the devil ails you?
  • Was it the devil that planned it?
  • A spice of the devil.
  • The devil knows what he is.
  • Where in the devil have you been knocking about?
  • The devil is gotten into him.
  • Hark how the devil is tearing him.
  • Let them go to the devil!
  • The devil sees to that.
  • Played the devil with his discipline.
  • The frills of the devil!
  • Where the devil is that arm?
  • What the devil do you want here?
  • How the devil did you manage it?

How To Use The Devil In A Sentence?

  • Now what in the devil will you say?
  • What the devil do you mean by all this?
  • The devil fights for you!
  • Then to the devil with the singer too!
  • You were asking me what the devil that was to me.
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