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  • However, as they approached the downtown section, the wind blew with even greater power.
  • After a period of controversy an ordinance was passed under which a line was drawn around the downtown district.
  • To prevent the downtown competitor from getting the story, the unknown was willing to turn it over to his opponent, Dunlap.
  • The first person came out of the uptown palace like a fairy from a grotto; the second emerged from the downtown rookery like some prehistoric monster from a cave.
  • Flower stands splash the street corners with color in the downtown shopping district, and the wares glow in the show windows like exotic blooms under glass.
  • The family had lived in Clearfield for six generations and had given its name to one of the principal streets in the downtown business part of the city.
  • The downtown shopping district spreads from Market to all the streets that radiate from it, from Kearny westward, well above Powell.
  • It was a hot August afternoon in New York, especially hot in the downtown districts, where it was damp and muggy, for it had been drizzling all the morning.
  • Many of the downtown streets in Phoenix are named after prominent American presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Madison. . . .
  • By ten o'clock the downtown streets began to show the incursion of visitors from the neighboring villages and even from the country and the stores reaped a small harvest.
  • Even then the department-store idea was gradually being born; with the establishment of the Straus crockery store in the basement of the downtown Macy's it came into the fine flower of its youth.
  • There were men--clerks, merchants, brokers from the downtown offices--and women and children from neighboring tenements.
  • I could think of no reason for disparaging my own quiet hotel in the downtown district; so the mid-morning of the night found us already victualed and drinked (at my expense), and ready to be chaired and tobaccoed in a quiet corner of the lobby.
  • As population increased and the downtown sections were converted into business sections, the fashionables shifted their quarters from time to time, always pushing uptown, until the Goelet lands became a long sweep of ostentatious mansions.
  • He saw more of Poons than he did of the others, for that young man had no regular engagement, but played now and then as substitute in one of the downtown theatre orchestras, so he just about managed to eke out an existence on a cash basis, and the three older men were as proud of this fact as if he were their own son.
  • After a brief trip to Europe, where he climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland, he settled down to the study of law in Columbia University, and at the same time learned its more practical side in the downtown law offices of a relative.
  • It was here that casual callers were to be received and entertained; here the errand boys who delivered packages from the downtown shops were to leave their goods and get their receipts; here the laundryman was to wait every Monday morning while Adah gathered up my hebdomadal bundle of linen for the wash; here were the children to gather for a frolic every evening after the humble vesper meal.
  • But she smiled through them, and bade him wait to hear the reason until they were in the Park, where each morning a drive, according to Doctor Craig's suggestion, was taken before the swift run back to the downtown square.
  • The soldiers and the police forced every available man in the downtown district to work, no matter where they were found or under
  • By shouldering ever upward for air and light, we have too often made of the "downtown" districts cliff-bound canyons--"granite deeps opening into granite deeps.
  • He obtained a position as bookkeeper, and for fifteen years, with absolute regularity, appeared at eight o'clock in the little stationer's shop, tucked among the great office buildings on the downtown street, to remain until half-past five when, with equal regularity, he returned to his well-kept boarding house, his only home in New York.
  • It occurred to me that Johnny must be doing just the right thing for himself; he would make the sort of office-boy that "business men" would contend for: easy to imagine the manoeuvres, even the feuds, that would enliven business blocks in the downtown district for the possession of Johnny's confident smile and dashing, forthright way.
  • The banks and exchanges of California and Montgomery streets, the foreign trade and insurance offices of Pine street, the downtown skyscrapers--all reflect in some way San Francisco's debt to the sea.
  • On ordinary days, when weather and street conditions in Manhattan have not gone in conditions of near-impassability, there are at least two regular deliveries to every part of the island south of One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Street, with a single one at least to every other part of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, to say nothing of the downtown portions of Jersey City and Hoboken.
  • As they got closer to the downtown section, they could hear the shouts of the newsboys announcing an "extra" newspaper in all the varieties of pronunciation of that word as it issues from the mouths of city "newsies."
  • "Santa Fe, captain," she answered as placidly as though it were a shopping trip from her home to the downtown stores of St. Louis.

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  • Otherwise the downtown streets would be congested.
  • The silence of the downtown warehouse district helped.
  • In the downtown districts the efforts of the dynamiters were wholly unavailing.
  • The car drove into the downtown section where a few vehicles now were moving.
  • The _Star_ building occupied a block in the downtown section of Riverview.
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