The East In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The East | The East Sentence

  • But how about the east?
  • Day was breaking in the east.
  • Already the east was quickening.
  • He searched the east.
  • It appeared in the east.
  • Look towards the east!
  • Before the east is gray.
  • And now we will turn to the east.
  • These are absent on the east.
  • Was not that city in the east?
  • There is the east wind.
  • There to the east were the hills.
  • Dawn showed in the east.
  • Spirits of the east and west!
  • Eve seated herself by the east window.
  • Dawn had not yet streaked the east.
  • Jesse lurched to the east window.
  • The dawn was appearing in the east.
  • A breeze sprang up from the east.
  • The entrance is invariably at the east.
  • Dawn had purged the east of stars.
  • It is craggy on the east side.
  • Who is it who knows when the wind is in the east?
  • On to the east our galleys ride.
  • Then he turned towards the east.
  • The east was blushing and brightening.
  • It has a narthex at the east end.
  • Whose windows open to the east.
  • Water ten paces to the east.
  • The east with lines of fire.
  • The east was surely lightening.
  • The air was keen from the east.
  • The light in the east broadened.
  • He was headed toward the east.
  • Beyond it curved to the east and north.

How To Use The East In A Sentence?

  • Pretty soon the moon came up in the east.
  • Towards the east the forward march was more difficult.
  • An entrance is left on the east side.
  • We went to the southeast with some turns to the east.
  • In honour of the queen-light of the east.
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