The Editor In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Editor | The Editor Sentence

  • But the editor checked him.
  • By permission of the editor.
  • Was the editor tired?
  • The editor and his people.
  • The editor thought not.
  • The letter was from the editor.
  • She recognized the editor.
  • The editor has not come yet.
  • I inquire timorously for the editor.
  • The editor shrugged his shoulders.
  • They found the editor at his desk.
  • Most footnotes are added by the editor.
  • The editor looked up as he entered.
  • The editor was unable to speak.
  • This challenge includes the editor.
  • The editor gazed out of the window again.
  • The editor looked up quickly.
  • The editor rose to greet her.
  • Neither the editor nor missionary had ever met before.
  • The editor told her that age was the only cure.
  • The editor gave me a doubtful glance.
  • The editor thrust his hands into his pockets.
  • From the editor of a notorious weekly paper.
  • He lets the editor look after things.
  • Some sought confidential interviews with the editor.
  • There was no use in looking up the editor before four.
  • The editor told her that he could not take it.
  • The editor looked a little doubtful.
  • But the editor never accepts the mercy.
  • And affection for the editor is conciliated by the way.
  • But the chief blame falls on the editor.
  • The editor was handsomely fired and brimstoned!
  • It was a beautiful speech that the editor made.
  • Both the reporter and the editor laughed ironically.
  • The editor is a most minute and painstaking critic.

How To Use The Editor In A Sentence?

  • Mills wrote books and was the editor of a small magazine.
  • Mere threats had little effect in intimidating the editor.
  • I stop him, and inquire for the editor.
  • The editor weighed his words carefully before he spoke.
  • He positively refused to discuss the editor in question.
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