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  • The alcohol is probably the effective agent.
  • The effective substance is insoluble in absolute alcohol.
  • He had found the effective counterattack and he meant to press it.
  • It may be necessary to let him learn in the effective school of experience.
  • The effective discharge of his duties demands unremitting attention to details.
  • The effective range is up to 2000 yards, and it will carry to 4000 yards.
  • The scheme I now suggest will be the effective remedy for this.
  • At end of March, 1913, the effective Army aeroplanes consisted of three 50 h.p.

How To Use The Effective In A Sentence?

  • I suppose it was the blessing which is the effective point in making two into one.
  • The effective remedies are those which use indirect methods based upon scientific knowledge.
  • The ground was rough, and unsuitable for the effective use of these murderous weapons of warfare.
  • The sharper the angle, the greater the range of the ray and the shorter the effective arc.
  • Thus, by a simple computation, the effective value of a dietary may be ascertained.
  • Yet, important as planning is, the effective outcome of plans depends upon their execution.
  • By adding tartaric acid or citric acid the effective concentration could be reduced to 4 p.p.m.
  • They see in the victory of Pan-Germanism the effective promise of the realization of such ideals.
  • Dymock states that three fruits are sufficient, and Dr. Hove gives one as the effective dose.
  • It is impossible for the effective to produce and save as fast as the ineffective will waste and destroy if they can get at it.
  • The initial requisite to the effective use of the armed forces is an agency authorized to direct them.
  • If the trays are as wide as or wider than the effective portion of the rolls, they should be discarded.
  • Actually nearly one in five of the effective strength of regiments was constantly in a hospital because of these diseases.
  • The effective conclusion of her involvement as early as the end of 3.2 impoverishes the rest of the play.
  • It is the effective instrument which makes possible the progress of nations, the emancipation of peoples!
  • The story is very slight, but sufficient for the effective presentation of the author's opinions.
  • Beginning afar off, you let all influences do their work till the moment came for the effective stroke.
  • On nearly all machines the tray is wider than the effective portion of the rolls, so that any excess of lubricant may drop into it.
  • As we have before said, the effective light falling upon the sitter is governed by the amount of direct skylight to which he is exposed.
  • The will is the effective cause, the living principle of the world of spirit, as motion is of the world of sense.
  • The vocal cords respond to the effective air pressure; they are not affected in any way by the opposed contractions of the breath muscles.
  • In all, the two muscles together exert twelve units of strength to accomplish the effective result of two units.
  • The first is 1780 to 1795, when the fruits of early inventions are ripened by the effective application of steam to the machine-industries.
  • As an example of the effective experimental method employed, we may specially mention the device for illustrating the refraction of light.
  • The earlier stages of the affair were not calculated to weaken a belief in the effective non-intervention of Government.
  • I wanted to sneer at lovers and their ecstasies, and was uncomfortable until I found the effective sneer.
  • Since the effective government of the country is under strong Japanese influence, the venture is significant only as a political narcotic.
  • Secondly, the elector may vote by blackening the white spot against the name of one of the "effective" candidates on one of the lists.
  • Be it one or the other, I observe that all the effective ridicule is, in this subject, on the side of establishment.
  • In fifty years, by the general adoption of machinery, the effective working power of the British workman has been increased sixfold.
  • It must alway be recollected that the effective speed of the propeller is reduced just in the ratio of the greater economy as compared with the side-wheel.
  • Because these requirements have been thoroughly considered during the study of the effective apportionment of fighting strength, he is able to make adjustments as necessary.
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