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  • In passing through the broken coke the electrical current encounters great resistance.
  • If it be within reach of the electrical current it may use as much or as little as is needed.
  • The electrical apparatus was another aid to him, so the wish of his heart was granted.
  • The copper wire is readily responsive to the electrical influence, but the carbon filament is not.
  • The electrical state of the disease, in both of these forms, is negative in excess.
  • The electrical charge, therefore, greatly modifies the usual chemical properties of the element.
  • The operation of the electrical waves may be best explained, perhaps, by the analogy of sound.
  • The electrical moment hung in the air, poised, took flight upward in dizzying splendour.
  • And the Electrical Company wanted to fix everything the nicest way for me to live.
  • Table II shows the electrical deportment of the principal metals in three different liquids.
  • A Leyden jar always full-charged, from which flit The electrical tingles of hit after hit.
  • If we had had the electrical contrivance we have now we could have attracted that ship's notice.
  • You will notice that the electrical energy expended in this establishment is double that used in the manufacture of carborundum.
  • This prepares the way for a statement of the physical conditions under which the electrical current may be conveyed.
  • The electrical engineer told to build a circuit does not go out and invent her own switches or capacitors.
  • The industrial development of the electrical furnace centered about the search for a cheap method of preparing aluminum.
  • The people of to-day seem to have forgotten that the telegraph is not necessarily dependent on the electrical current.
  • During the various processes of manufacture, the electrical quality of the cable was tested to an unusual extent.
  • That we have as yet seen but a partial development of the possibilities of the electrical discovery, no one can doubt.
  • Is it in reality any more wonderful to use the electrical wave in the transmission of intelligible symbols than to use a wave of light?
  • But the electrical furnace could not be used on a commercial scale until the dynamo replaced the battery as a source of electricity.
  • This little screw forms one of the electrical contacts, and one of the wires from the battery is attached to it.
  • They know nothing of the electrical polarization of the living organism in health, nor how it is variously affected in disease.
  • The last mentioned example of damage from internal hazards brings us to the law of the electrical generation of heat.
  • The master was fond of showing the electrical apparatus of his industrious apprentice to every person likely to be interested in a clever youth.
  • The electrical conditions are not wholly static, as a slow current is passing around through your arms and body from one pole to the other.
  • Though very stable towards heat, water can be decomposed in other ways, as by the action of the electrical current or by certain metals.
  • Some industries depend upon electrolytic processes, while in others the electrical energy is used merely as a source of heat in electric furnaces.
  • The sound is, as it were, committed to the electrical current and is thus sent to the end of the journey, and there discharged with its message.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Electrical | The Electrical Sentence

  • The electrical charge of ions.
  • The first alters the electrical pattern.
  • The electrical discharges darted all over the rings.
  • There was a spark as the electrical contact was made.
  • The new light flashes from the electrical glow.
  • The Electrical Fountain.
  • The Electrical Orrery.
  • So much for the Electrical Conference.
  • The Electrical Resistance of the Human Body.
  • Second, what is the electrical condition of that unhealthy part?
  • Music is the electrical soil in which the mind thrives, thinks, and invents.
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