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  • To which does the ensuing anecdote belong?
  • The ensuing silence was ominous.
  • Or what is the merit of the ensuing epicedium?
  • During the ensuing applause he signed this production.
  • They now prepare their cornfields for the ensuing season.
  • He intended to take no part in the ensuing conversation.
  • The ensuing strike lasted fourteen months.
  • The ensuing passage was utterly beyond his rusty skill!
  • But in the ensuing four years public opinion had changed.
  • For this purpose, the ensuing evening was selected.
  • Three stops were made during the ensuing six, hours.
  • During the ensuing night the Queen had a vision.
  • In the ensuing combat Helgi falls.
  • At this period the ensuing Narrative commences.
  • His success in London was great during the ensuing season.
  • The ensuing four years at Cambridge were very happy ones.
  • In the ensuing days I learned much of the habits of seals.
  • To be published in the Course of the ensuing Winter.
  • Only a very inadequate notion of it can be given in the ensuing chapters.
  • In the ensuing moment of hesitancy the question was decided for him.
  • Great dinners and gay routs were given in the ensuing spring.
  • The ensuing summer was one of the happiest of their married life.
  • During the ensuing year the cause of the king rapidly advanced.
  • The events of the ensuing months contain no musical history of any note.
  • On the ensuing day eight sledges were seen to approach the ships.
  • Out of the ensuing silence came the sound of a little tap at the door.
  • Even this exceptional pupil had better carefully study the ensuing examples.
  • The ensuing report pictured the steel industry as virtually normal.
  • They cover what were formerly fields, and the ensuing loss was very great.
  • He called her name; the ensuing silence was ghastly in its suggestiveness.

How To Use The Ensuing In A Sentence?

  • Of the ensuing eighteen months of foreign travel it is irrelevant here to speak.
  • This board recommends the amounts to be raised by taxation for the ensuing year.
  • Fortunately there was no call for switch-tower service during the ensuing minute or two.
  • From the above interview a marriage took place the ensuing month in the same church.
  • It was with intense interest that the anxious aviator watched the ensuing conference.
  • The ensuing events had driven the affairs of her cuisine entirely out of her mind.
  • All through the ensuing months she was still tortured by doubts as to the best course to pursue.
  • But there must have been a subsidence of several thousand feet as well as the ensuing elevation.
  • The ensuing hegira of criminal classes was a spectacle for other cities to contemplate with awe.
  • Article 5 related to the general appropriations for town expenses for the ensuing year.
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