The Expectation In A Sentence

How To Use The Expectation In A Sentence?

  • The expectation of such a contingency could not have been farther from his thought.
  • And there is no other such spur to production as the expectation of personal profit.
  • The age of a wife at the time of marriage has much to do with the expectation of children.
  • I find the expectation very general that the present peace will be of short duration.
  • It is the same with all that is practically based upon the expectation of a life beyond the grave.
  • This fact could only be concealed by holding out the expectation of vast receipts from the enemy.
  • Only later it came to mean the feeling which such an event or the expectation of it would cause.
  • She even trembled, at the expectation of something painful or sorrowful to be told.
  • So saying he flew up, and all the peewits followed him in the expectation of an easy conquest.
  • The expectation that something wonderful will happen can even produce an almost hypnoid state.
  • The quinine and whisky did not prevent it, but the expectation was founded on false premises.
  • By dismissing the expectation, the charm of surprise will be added to the value of promotion.
  • He keeps his hand upon the carriage-door, and asks some other question to enhance the expectation.
  • He had been brought up as a rich man's son, and with the expectation of being a rich man's heir.
  • There was no reply to this, though Pike halted, in the expectation that there would be one.
  • We parted at the foot of Silver Street, with the expectation of meeting before night.
  • That which is altered is the conduct which that friendship requires and the expectation which it determines.
  • Women worth having did not marry forlorn hopes in the expectation of making a profit out of them by and by.
  • Brahmans and beggars were going from different parts with the expectation of receiving rich presents.
  • It was the thought of her and the expectation of her welcome to the barren room that made him smile as he climbed.
  • The expectation of the end of the world is a natural complement to the belief in its periodical destructions.
  • And no wonder the man kept looking over his shoulder in the expectation of being tapped on the shoulder by a policeman.
  • The expectation of having her there to enjoy the beautiful scenes and to share his companionship fairly made the world over for him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Expectation | The Expectation Sentence

  • The expectation then expressed has not been disappointed.
  • Isabel blushed; the expectation was undeniable.
  • The expectation seemed not unreasonable twenty years ago.
  • The expectation in the two cases would be equally vain.
  • Such is the expectation of Tamiya Dono.
  • The expectation of the creature waited for the manifestation.
  • But the expectation was gratuitous and the disappointment imaginary.
  • The expectation in neither of these cases has been fully realized.
  • Such is the expectation on which the supposed evils of impurity depend.
  • He dressed himself and jumped out quickly with the expectation of miracles.
  • By degrees he began to lose the expectation of seeing any apparition.
  • And the expectation of this day filled us with a mixture of joy and dread.
  • Old hopes, rosy with the expectation of the indefinite and unknowable.
  • His lofty stature and majestic bearing fulfilled the expectation of a hero.
  • So it is with the expectation of life, or fire, or shipwreck.
  • It was a bitter severance, but tempered by the expectation of a speedy reunion.
  • So Hood was appointed in his place, in the expectation that he would fight.
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