The Fault In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Fault | The Fault Sentence

  • The fault was not his.
  • The fault was all my own.
  • The fault is with me.
  • Could the fault have been with me?
  • The fault was all hers.
  • The fault was not with his memory.
  • And whose the fault?
  • And perhaps the fault was in me.
  • It was all the fault of the faculty.
  • But it is the fault of our ladies themselves.
  • It was the fault of the government!
  • Believe us the fault is not ours.
  • This is the fault of machinery.
  • Was the fault in the cocoanuts?
  • But the fault was not with the maidens.
  • But that is not the fault of the handle.
  • The fault is in his training.
  • Where lies the fault?
  • Is it the fault of the minister?
  • It is the fault of your countrymen.
  • The fault is obviously your own.
  • But the fault is not all with the colleges.
  • The fault was hers as much as his.
  • For the fault is thine.
  • What was the fault of these poor women?
  • But not the fault of the dying man.
  • The fault lies with us.
  • And that was the fault of those three wretches!
  • Perhaps the fault lay at her own door.
  • After all, the fault is my own.
  • Surely the fault is not all on one side.
  • It was really the fault of no one.
  • It did not appear to be the fault of the engine.
  • The fault and weakness of this inability are in ourselves.
  • It is the fault of any house-party.

How To Use The Fault In A Sentence?

  • Each laying the fault vpon the other.
  • Is it the fault of the writer or of the reader?
  • But the fault is not with the secret service.
  • Is it my fault or the fault of the climate?
  • The fault is not on their side, but on ours.
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