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  • So she had to pay the fine.
  • See the fine gentleman!
  • Net a row with the fine mesh.
  • Cooking is one of the fine arts.
  • Gardening is one of the fine arts.
  • The fine letters delighted him.
  • Blend and put through the fine sieve.
  • This is not a reflection on the fine system.
  • Perfumery is one of the fine arts.
  • Are all the fine personalities dead?
  • The amount of the fine we do not know.
  • To return to the fine arts.
  • The fine evening drew in slowly.
  • Do you see the fine network of veins?
  • The fine arts fall to the ground.
  • Both understood the fine art of selection.
  • What the fine ear and the creative hand?
  • From whence the fine present was brought.
  • And all the fine gems they would hold.
  • The fine art of living together.
  • The fine blue eyes above her wavered.
  • Dining should be ranked among the fine arts.
  • The fine hall was almost overcrowded.
  • Did he feel badly about the fine for speeding?
  • The fine marriage was never again alluded to.
  • This goddess is adored as the patroness of the fine arts.
  • Focus the film accurately by means of the fine adjustment.
  • The fine snow flutes the cracks between the flagstones.
  • He moved once more to the grand rooms in the fine hotel.
  • The fine weather had brought people out into the streets.
  • Nor did the fine dust cease to sting his face.
  • Then the fine old pioneer soul passed on.
  • The fine flavor of the vegetable is retained when steamed.
  • Hardly one of the fine old houses remains.
  • But the fine candid eyes were not short-sighted.

How To Use The Fine In A Sentence?

  • He was not skilled in the fine art of social deception.
  • It comes so easy to be waited on and to be the fine lady.
  • A fine place for the fine gentleman they made of him.
  • Show the fine virtue called self-restraint.
  • Oh, the fine meal she would have!

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