The Finish In A Sentence

How To Use The Finish In A Sentence?

  • It was the finish.
  • The finish of the surface is about the same as in other groups.
  • Are you willing to back me to the finish in this undertaking?
  • Elliott eased himself back into his chair at the finish of the question.
  • Twas a still night or 'twould have been the finish.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Finish | The Finish Sentence

  • Moreover that was not the finish of it.
  • I can swing at the finish.
  • And the finish is inimitable.
  • Cut out the finish talk.
  • That was the finish of his courage.
  • The finish was thrilling.
  • At the finish he smiled.
  • That practically was the finish of the thing.
  • The river is here a horseshoe to the finish.
  • She had been an observer of the finish of the game.
  • Let us hasten the finish.
  • At the finish she pointed her argument.
  • It now became a fight to the finish.
  • We know that the victory will be ours at the finish.
  • What did it matter, if only he won at the finish!
  • He will disappear, and that will be the finish.
  • But you were clean done up at the finish and no wonder.
  • You shall hear the finish of our rehearsal.
  • Shall we make a big spurt to the finish?
  • Some towards the finish went to sleep and snored.
  • The finish is a fractured limb from a rear or a runaway.
  • Irving walked down the track towards the finish line.
  • Forsythe at the Finish.
  • It was close to the finish, and the crowd knew it.
  • The saloon-keeper could see the finish from his door.
  • This was a fight to the finish with Porter.
  • He, however, stayed loyally to the finish.
  • I will say that that fellow Porter is game to the finish.
  • Observe, then, the "finish" of fig.
  • The title I shall leave to the finish.
  • And this was the finish for the poor old father Terah.
  • At the finish I sat down feeling pretty good.
  • I wish you could have got back for the finish. . . .
  • Beyond the finish, by Max Brand, pseud.
  • And go after Elias M. Pierce, to the finish.
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