The Firm In A Sentence

How To Use The Firm In A Sentence?

  • Ginsberg & Esel, the firm.
  • He left the firm to go abroad, I understand.
  • That's why I didn't hear, nor the firm.
  • The firm was known as Scrooge and Marley.
  • The firm are members of the Society of Friends.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Firm | The Firm Sentence

  • Conscience is the trade-name of the firm.
  • You should have tackled the head of the firm himself.
  • What service would that be to you or to the firm?
  • I stood on the firm land!
  • The firm face softened as he looked at it.
  • The firm continued to operate as always.
  • The bands have instructors provided by the firm.
  • With the firm battlements of special action.
  • The firm were real people to us.
  • The latter is not necessarily the head of the firm.
  • It stood as steady as on the firm ground.
  • Particularly remarkable was the firm attitude of these men.
  • She thought the firm had been wondrously kind.
  • He was afraid the firm might be skeptical.
  • She would take what the firm offered!
  • Osceola had landed on the firm ground of a large island.
  • Besides, think of the firm sister.
  • She felt for a moment the firm clasp of his fingers.
  • The firm lines of her mouth and chin had hardened.
  • The firm manufactured some well-known instruments.
  • I then asked one of the firm to pay the bill.
  • At the bottom he let her feel the firm earth once more.
  • The special flag of the firm to which a ship belongs.
  • Doth not the firm-set earth beneath us lie?
  • The little fingers closed over the firm brown ones.
  • He knew the capital of the firm, and its status.
  • He was of the firm of Thos.
  • Mr Behnsen is head of the firm.
  • It was Silwood who had ruined the firm.
  • There we had a delightful hour, along the firm damp shore.
  • The firm received $1,500.00 for its trouble.
  • He lent them his name in the Firm.
  • Mr. Bennett is a friend of the firm.
  • Muzio Clementi was at one time a partner in the firm.
  • Silwood robbed the firm! absconded to Italy!
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