The Foundation In A Sentence

How To Use The Foundation In A Sentence?

  • The foundation of my throne is not more power than love.
  • The foundation of his equipment is universal sympathy.
  • The foundation of things began to be examined.
  • She had tried to lay the foundation of good character.
  • The foundation cost $32.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Foundation | The Foundation Sentence

  • Go to the foundation.
  • Labor is the foundation of all.
  • Perception is the foundation of the intellect.
  • We will begin from the foundation.
  • Nothing but the foundation remains now.
  • They lie at the foundation.
  • We are now ready for the foundation.
  • You have the foundation on which to work.
  • Then the foundation is rock.
  • It is the foundation of everything.
  • It is the foundation of all society.
  • Love of self was the foundation.
  • The foundation for this has gradually been laid.
  • Surely that is the foundation of health culture.
  • The toilers are the foundation of society.
  • This is the foundation of the singing voice.
  • The foundation was secure and broad.
  • Therein is for us the foundation of all ethics.
  • Therein is the foundation of the sanctity of property.
  • But can any will whatever be the foundation of obligation?
  • That is the foundation on which our profession is built.
  • The most they have done has been to lay the foundation.
  • This is the foundation of divine religion.
  • It should have been banked around the foundation with sod.
  • The foundation of modern trade is credit.
  • The foundation of all the divine religions is one.
  • A new growth on the foundation appears.
  • The foundation of things began to be examined.
  • O let it not be the foundation of a final parting!
  • What lies at the foundation of pianistic greatness?
  • Publicists are still seeking the foundation of penalty.
  • Purgatory forms the foundation of many stories.
  • This laid the foundation of a general peace.
  • Moral beauty is the foundation of all true beauty.
  • Iron and coal form the foundation of our prosperity.
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