The French In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The French | The French Sentence

  • Death to the French!
  • Translated from the French.
  • Leave that to the French!
  • What were the French to him or to me?
  • Where are the French?
  • That was the French of it.
  • Expulsion of the French.
  • This is held by the French.
  • It was not thus with the French.
  • But there you have the French spirit.
  • News had been received from the French.
  • Incident of the French camp.
  • Do you know who did for the French?
  • What had the French done to him?
  • Voltaire and the French enlightenment.
  • The French language.
  • The French are no fools.
  • The French are on the alert.
  • Feisul cannot contend with the French.
  • The French did not like this at all.
  • Joi is the French joye.
  • The French have ruined me.
  • Tis no more the French lingo than your own.
  • Translated from the French ed.
  • Nelson was again to fight the French.
  • Were the French coming?
  • But there were other spectators than the French.
  • The French were embarrassed.
  • Such were they who had just disposed of the French!
  • We had been surprised by the French!
  • The French are in the bay.
  • The French are worse.
  • Still the French did not despair.
  • At nightfall the French had the field.
  • The French position was now desperate.

How To Use The French In A Sentence?

  • The work was translated from the French.
  • The onset of the French was irresistible.
  • He anticipated the French designs.
  • The French yet know it not.
  • The French are really disturbed about it.
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